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Selling Cheap and Reliable! FO76 Services Nuclear Winter (Xbox only)


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I'm a fan of this game and really enjoy playing it. I also enjoy helping people out. That said, this thread is subject to change often and more services will be introduced. There are currently some placeholders for quests that I have yet to complete, so they don't have prices at the moment. All orders are handled by members in the US and are played legitimately.

Power Leveling (Leveling can be a hassle if you're playing with a group and don't have as much time to play as everyone else. Let us know what kind of build you're looking for to fit into your team. Otherwise, we can make a solo build around your specifications.)
2-10= $30
10-20= $40
20-30= $50
40-50= $60
2-50= $220 (Saves $20)

Caps (In limited supply. I'm not made out of caps, but if you order I'll let you know when I have them.)
1000= $10

Base Building (Bases custom made to order. Materials can be provided for an additional cost. All Bases come with all 5 stations. If you want defenses or multiple beds, let us know.)
From tents, to houses, to mini bunkers, you select the location and we make it.
Single Story/One Building- $4
Two Story/Two Buildings- $7
Three Story/Multiple Buildings- $10

Material Farming (I never liked leaving things up to RNG, so when you order materials from me, you'll always know exactly how much to expect instead of paying hourly. Feel free to place custom orders.)
Batch of 50= $20
Batch of 100= $40
Batch of 150= $55

If you're unsure of what materials you need, check here. https://rankedboost.com/fallout-76/crafting-materials/ (Note that this list does NOT belong to me)

Stimpak Farming For those who run low on stimpaks.
$5 per 15 Stimpaks

Custom Weapons and Armor (Let us know what you're looking for and we'll craft it for you. If we aren't capable at the moment, we'll grind it out and get back to you.)
$5 Per

$3 Per

Legendary Gear/Weapons
While these cannot be guaranteed to drops, if you're trying to find a specific one that we've found, let us know and we'll sell it to you.
$4 Per Star

Legendary Effects can be found here. https://fallout76.wiki.fextralife.com/Legendary+Effects (This is once again, not a site made by me.)

Unique Weapons/Gear
These all come from specific quests and can be obtained intentionally. If we already have the weapon from the quest, we can sell it to you.
$4 Per Star

List of Unique Legendaries found here. https://fallout76.wiki.fextralife.com/Legendary+Weapons (Same site, different page)

Power Armor
Ultracite- $15
X01- $15
Excavator- $20

Main Quests
(Responders Questline) First Contact, Thirst Things First, Second Helpings, Final Departure, An Ounce of Prevention= $30
(Firebreathers' Questline) Into the Fire= $15
(Rose's Questline) The Missing Link, Signal Strength, Flavors of Mayhem, Key to the Past= $40

Early Warnings= $10
Reassembly Required= $5
Coming to Fruition= $10
Defiance Has Fallen= $5
Recruitment Blues= $10
Back to Basic= $5
Belly of the Beast= $10
Uncle Sam= $5
Bunker Buster= $5
One of Us= $5
Officer on Deck= $15
I Am Become Death= $15

Side Quests
Order of Mysteries= $20
Responders= $20
An Organic Solution= $15
Bureau of Tourism= $10
Cold Case= $10
Death from Above!= $15
Forbidden Knowledge= $10
Hunter/Hunted= $15
Lucky Strike= $10
Miner Miracles= $20
Overseer's Mission=
Personal Matters= $10
Tracking Unknowns= $10

Contact me on skype. Kienamaru
I accept payment through Paypal and Google Wallet
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I am looking for a lv 35 2 shot explosive rifle and instigating 2 handed mele weapon.


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I'll let you know if I can find one. Sorry for the delayed response, I haven't been online for a few weeks.