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SOLD Cheap Acc w/ 255 ilvl Rogue Hall of fame (Famed Bane of the Banshee Queen)

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Wanna sell my personal WoW account. It contains my rogue, which is 254.5 ilvl pve (with sylv 259 dagger), 2.4k Rio,10/10 Mythic in the hall of fame (top#100 world first sylvanas mythic), with sick parses, some xmogs and some nice mounts. It has ALL domination shards with 4 socket pieces. Most of the sets are upgraded. I also have a lvl 60 monk with 245 ilvl, a lvl 60 shamy with 230+ ilvl and others lvl 60 . As note, since i've seen is frequently asked, i have a random name in my blizzard account (fake name). I started playing in shadowlands prepatch and my rogue has CE with really good parses in CN. I also have good parses in SoD aswell (top 10 world in 4-5 bosses in mythic). Obviously it has rank 6 of reputation with Archivist's Codex Reputation, all conduits to 252 and everything socketed, 262 lego, and 77-78 renown (dont remember). For more info feel free to pm or add me on discord: Celerity#8458. Can offer some rogue coaching aswell.

Parses sample:

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