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Selling CD-Keys PrePaids Activation Codes - Fast, Safe, Cheap, 100% Legion

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Bought MoP and 3 60 days pre-paid cards everything was really fast, also I traded gold for $, the money was on my paypal account couple of minutes after the trade was completed.
I sold 100K gold to this guy after the trade was completed i received the money on my paypal account.I recommend him for any kind of WoW services he is really trustworthy.
I sold gold yesterday, I will recommend this guy. I will sure trade with him in the future.
I sold 250k today and got my money in 5-min. Very fast and safe trade.
Sold 14k gold, fast and reliable. Recommended
Great seller/buyer, been working with him for an year now, everything always goes perfect.
adding you on skype
- - - Updated - - -
nice and fast deal
Very great seller! Legit and smooth trades.
Bought MOP from him.Everything went well he's not a frod!
Great seller. Everything went fine.
Quick and easy service!
Good trade, thanks!
Bought 3 Game cards and 1 MoP.Everything went fast and smooth, the prices are really good!!!
Edit: It was done, I've worked with this guy before. I plan to purchase from him again.
i buy 60days gametime. is a good man. trusted
Ordered and received 2 GCs, cheers.
Great customer highly recomanded
Sold 50k gold to him, will deal again.
Thanks for fast trade :)
Sold another 40k gold to him, legit!
I sold 94k gold to this guy ... The speed was fine, but the service was exceptional ... :) Couldnt ask for more... I'll be coming back thats for sure :)
Fast and safe WOW gold trade! Thanks a lot!
Fast and safe trader! :)
Bought another GC from him, fast and reliable as usual.
Sold 53k to this guy ...
Worked without any problems ... I'll keep using your services ... Thanks :)
I sold 80k to this guy... Great service, great guy
I'll defo keep using him :)
Very fast and nice service, also best price.
I will sell him again and much more :)
Sold him 60k today. Fast and smooth trade :)
Bought Pandarem monk from him.Everything went well he's not a frod!
Good seller.
purchased some pets from winkterton, thanks
First sell and everything ok. Great service
Really fast and smooth, will sell again!
5 star for this guy. Best service for game time or cd-keys. I just buy 1 month wow prepaid and Im very satisfied from the guy
sold gold again,efficient as always!
free bump for being efficient and trustworthy as always, sold 80k again.
Great buyer, always fast and smooth.
free bump again, sold my last few bits of gold left, back to farming more! smooth transaction as always
Just sold him 150k got my payment in a minute , very good buyer 10/10 .
Good service, everything was fast and smooth. :)
Bought 2 more mounts. Awesome service, everything went smooth and fast.
Sold to him everything went smooth definitely will sell again to him!
Sold to him again everything went ok.
legit and efficient as always :)
sold gold again, bump for this awesome buyer.
Really best price on the market! Thanks for trade!
Sold 100k, Great trade as always!
sold 50k again everything went ok
Sold 500k in a single transaction. Needlessly to say, i received the $, legit and efficient as always!
sold 53k - smooth as always
Another great trade Best buyer there is
Just bought Warlords of Draenor game key , it was fast and smooth, recommended!!
I just can recommend this guys everything went smooth great trade thanks a
lot and continue your work!!!!
Sold to him again everything went great.Recomend it
sold again,everything went smooth
fast trade, best price. Thanks!
+rep bought 50k gold - kind and flexible person!!<3
sold 100k to him....smooth and trusty ... instant payment! will trade again! :eek:
Just tested the new website, bought 10k, worked great! :)
Bought 20k gold! Everything went nice!!!
Sold Gold, Everything went fine +++++
Used his service! Trusted he delivered me even lower price! cheers for him.
Sold some gold, a very fast and legit trade. I can recommand him for sure.
great trader i just traded 419.5k gold with him and got my money in less than 5 mins
Traded 50k, instant paid. Love it.
Again sold some gold to him, this time a larget sum of 223k via AH. Easy, simple and what's also very important I got paid instantly!
Sold 30k today, will do more in the future, quick and reliable.
bought 50k very nice person
Very good seller, bought 130k gold from him and recieved it all. awesome.
Sold 40k, all fine
sold 50k , all is fine.
Sold 600k. Another fast deal. Instant payment. A++
This is my second time using Whinkerton.com, satisfied as before! I recommend it to anyone, best one you can get!
100% legit. Brought battlechest key
Second delivery of 100k in about a week (BankOfDalaran). Easy, well-regimented process.
Good trader, best price. Thanks.
Ordered gold today, Whinkerton was very professional and everything was delivered extremely fast. Nothing to complain about. Great Service ! will buy again. Thank again guys.
Great buyer, fast delievery comfortable servive
Fast, reliable and recommended!
Just sold 250g. Fast payment, nice trader. Thanks.
Sold around 200 gold. Always fast payment.
sold 75 gold to them was safe and good.
Great Seller, def recommended
good buying 300 gold from him
Satisfied as always, fast and easy! Whinkerton ftw!
Sold millions of gold to this guy. Always smooth trades and fast payments!
Sold 300k today , Nice and fast like always
Thanks to >>> WHINKERTON <<<
Sold some gold. THX
One more trade 200 k gold this time with the best guy on the Market>>>>>>>>> WHINKERTON <<<<<<<<<
Just bought 150k on WoW US. A pleasant and professional experience. The price is also the best by a fair bit. Look no further, buy here. I certainly will again.
Sold 150 G for them. Very nice expierience as a first timer. Surely will come back again.
Insanely good seller! Went fast and smooth, best prices i've seen to top it all off with.
Will buy from again! Bought VIA Skrill from his website.
Bought from again. Delivery within 10 minutes, very satisfied. Whinkerton, best prices. Best support that you won't even need.
Quickly and efficiently !
Just sold 200g, thnx!
worked for a long times. not often but all was very good always
Quick, and easy transaction thanks
Sold 50k right now,good price, thanks m8
just done my first delivery for him. It was quick and easy. highly recommend.
+rep bought gold, insta delivery
Another great trade cheers!
Bought 110k, great seller would buy from again!
just sold him gold. effortless once again.
Trusted guy sold 150K all legit
I will recommend this guy. I will sure trade with him in the future. :)
3rd time ordering from them, went just as smooth as expected. Delivery was a little late because they ran out of stock, but contacted me as soon as the stock had been replenished. Will happily order more from them!
another successful trade, trusted buyer
keep buying from me!
ordered from them and they were very quick and kept in contact for updates. very professional and will buy from again!
just done my third delivery for him. it was quick, easy, and I got paid the second it was done!
Bought 100k .. had him deliver AH . All is well. Would buy from again
Great price, I will recommend this guy. I will sure trade with him in the future.
great buyer, fast and professional, always a pleasure to deal with him
just done a delivery for him (again). I got paid instantly (again). I cant recommend him enough for both buyers and sellers.
just sold gold for him again. He's extremely professional and I got paid instantly.
Sold 100k. I will sure trade with him in the future.
Another smooth transaction. Recommend
Quick answer and smooth transaction!! 5*******
Will do business again for sure.
Sold him tons of gold. Great buyer
Vouch , Sold him over 300g. Rep+ and fast and quick payouts.
Easy Transaction using Digital Currency! Great Seller 10/10 would buy again.
Friendly all the best
Awesome trader!! Super friendly, responsive, fast! A+++
the support was fast and friendly.
Great services! Most recommended!
Made a big order a few days ago. Seller was quick and professional and I received my gold without trouble. Will definitely shop here again!
Fast Cheap Gold. Got my gold in less than 15 minutes on a realm that isn't very popular. Would buy again, thanks!
Great guy, always fair price and easy trades!
just traded him him 2 minute ago. already got paid. Awsome trader.
Smooth trade as always.
fast delivery super service, would buy again +1
You made a new frequent buyer with your excellent live chat support. +1. My go to seller of Blade and Soul gold.
Smooth trade, always nice to deal with him
I sold some gold, everything went great... ty)!
Sold a lot of gold and went great, very professional and quick service. Will be selling very often to this user.
Sold 320k , great buyer!
Bought 1.5 mil with these guys. Highly trusted! Will do business with again.
bought 3k gold from Whunkerton a good serller
bought again for the second time best seller best prices quick service
Very easy to make money, good prices for your gold too.
Just bought 150k no issues and fairly quickly and you can't beat the price! Would buy again 10/10. Highly recommend!
Definitely a great seller... bought Gold for BNS and it went smooth without trouble, great support too! definitely reccomended
Purchased today about 2 hrs ago. Overall great communication and delivery.
Used this site to sell my gold. All went fast and good, going to use it again, thanks.
Just bought 140k Quick and easy transaction. As always can't beat the price either.
Trusted, bought 200k gold, cheapest avaible, fast delivery and awesome support !
i sold to this fella and bought a bchest key
No issues and vouche! thanks bud!
I've sold him several times already, everything is fine
Just bought 3m, easy as could be. Never any games or bs with Whinkerton, always super professional and convenient.
vouch bought a us legion key legit recommend
Just bought from this guy. Very smooth and easy. +rep
Purchased 500k from them, decent prices.
Great Seller, bought 120k gold. Fast and cheap
Thank you guys for choosing me, take care and have a nice day :)!
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Good trade, thanks!
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