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scammed my warlock & rogue:

cckazi9 (12:51:27 PM): I have an offer for your warrior http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?532212

also has a 60 rogue alt on the same server...transfers are available
candrol88 (12:51:33 PM): sec
candrol88 (12:56:16 PM): both epic mount?
cckazi9 (12:56:22 PM): yes
cckazi9 (12:57:38 PM): the rogue's gear is nothing that fantastic http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?532240
cckazi9 (12:57:42 PM): but it's a good alt
cckazi9 (12:58:42 PM): and the account is payed for a few months as well
cckazi9 (1:00:04 PM): would it help if i said "please"? lol
candrol88 (1:00:18 PM): heh got SQA?
cckazi9 (1:00:24 PM): yea and cdkeys
cckazi9 (1:03:42 PM): want to see in game?
candrol88 (1:03:51 PM): well heres the thing
candrol88 (1:03:54 PM): im interested
candrol88 (1:04:00 PM): but i kinda lost my SQA/CD keys
candrol88 (1:04:09 PM): so im looking for an account that doesnt have CD keys/SQA
cckazi9 (1:04:31 PM): well
cckazi9 (1:04:49 PM): i can not give you the sqa/cdkey
cckazi9 (1:04:55 PM): until we both feel comfortable w/ the trade
candrol88 (1:05:04 PM): lol thats not the thing
candrol88 (1:05:06 PM): i dont have SQA
candrol88 (1:05:12 PM): so you can easily steal my account
candrol88 (1:05:14 PM): you have SQA
candrol88 (1:05:17 PM): so you can recall
cckazi9 (1:05:38 PM): true
cckazi9 (1:05:42 PM): but i don't know that you don't have it
candrol88 (1:05:52 PM): thats your decision
cckazi9 (1:05:55 PM): tru
cckazi9 (1:06:00 PM): well, hmm
cckazi9 (1:06:10 PM): i can tell you i'm trustworthy but what does that matter
cckazi9 (1:07:39 PM): http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=namastetiger&item=-1&frm=1883
cckazi9 (1:07:42 PM): that's my ebay profile
cckazi9 (1:08:01 PM): umm what else, the only trade i ever did on markee i ended up losing both accounts so i know how u feel there
cckazi9 (1:08:56 PM): i'll love you?
candrol88 (1:09:04 PM): lmao
candrol88 (1:09:07 PM): sorry
candrol88 (1:09:09 PM): ima have to pass
cckazi9 (1:09:13 PM): omg please nooo
candrol88 (1:09:20 PM): you got money?
cckazi9 (1:09:22 PM): i'll forget the sqa
candrol88 (1:09:23 PM): ill sell him
cckazi9 (1:09:25 PM): i'll try real hard
cckazi9 (1:09:27 PM): and forget the sqa
candrol88 (1:09:31 PM): lol
cckazi9 (1:09:40 PM): listen
cckazi9 (1:09:54 PM): i will trade you the sq/a and cdkeys... even if you don't have it
cckazi9 (1:10:07 PM): that's how much ur lil gnome means to me
candrol88 (1:10:12 PM): aye but what about the email?
cckazi9 (1:10:33 PM): the e-mail and phone# are both still in original contact info
cckazi9 (1:10:37 PM): on the blizzard account page
candrol88 (1:11:13 PM): ayee
candrol88 (1:11:26 PM): but dont recall PW's get sent to your email?
cckazi9 (1:11:33 PM): ahh, indeed
candrol88 (1:11:44 PM): k
candrol88 (1:11:49 PM): that doesnt help me
cckazi9 (1:11:51 PM): lol
cckazi9 (1:11:56 PM): doesn't help me either, it's not my email
candrol88 (1:12:08 PM): whose email is it?
cckazi9 (1:12:18 PM): francis courchesne the orig. owner
cckazi9 (1:12:24 PM): he's recalled the account for me before
candrol88 (1:12:42 PM): well you'll give me SQ/CD keys?
cckazi9 (1:12:47 PM): yea
candrol88 (1:12:50 PM): kk ill do it
cckazi9 (1:12:56 PM): k can i see him in game real fast?
candrol88 (1:13:18 PM): well im on my laptop right now, uncle is fixing desktop
candrol88 (1:13:27 PM): laptop is an Ibook with no WoW installed
cckazi9 (1:13:47 PM): when do you think your desktop will be fixed?
candrol88 (1:14:41 PM): heh he just started
candrol88 (1:14:46 PM): but you can log on him if you want
candrol88 (1:15:27 PM): is it alright if i check your information via website, if it is correct, ill let you log on Arck? He might be in Searing Gorge, was helping a friend qith quests
cckazi9 (1:15:37 PM): ok
cckazi9 (1:15:57 PM): i'll give u login info and pw and u do the same. but i won't give the sq/a etc till we finalize thet rade
candrol88 (1:16:11 PM): kk
cckazi9 (1:16:23 PM): k how do we do this who goes first lol
cckazi9 (1:16:29 PM): it's like i have the gun and the hostage
cckazi9 (1:16:31 PM): and you have the money
cckazi9 (1:16:35 PM): who hands what over
candrol88 (1:16:43 PM): you give me login, ill give you mine, you give me PW, ill give you mine
candrol88 (1:16:48 PM): lol nice connection
cckazi9 (1:17:05 PM): lol
cckazi9 (1:17:16 PM): ok
cckazi9 (1:17:21 PM): login: ****
candrol88 (1:17:46 PM): ******
cckazi9 (1:18:02 PM): ok ready?
cckazi9 (1:18:04 PM): pw:
cckazi9 (1:18:11 PM): ****
candrol88 (1:18:19 PM): kk
candrol88 (1:18:21 PM): ready?
cckazi9 (1:18:24 PM): yes
candrol88 (1:18:32 PM): mine is recall PW so its kind a weird
cckazi9 (1:18:36 PM): k
candrol88 (1:18:47 PM): Password is ****
cckazi9 (1:18:56 PM): pw: *****
candrol88 is away at 1:19:09 PM.
cckazi9 (1:19:26 PM): lol wrong info bud
Auto response from candrol88 (1:19:27 PM): I am not available because I am playing a computer game that takes up the whole screen.

cckazi9 (1:27:46 PM): done deleting my gear yet?
cckazi9 (1:28:46 PM): cmon at least have the balls to talk to me after trying to steal my account
candrol88 returned at 1:40:31 PM.
cckazi9 (1:41:35 PM): so what's the deal big dog?
candrol88 is away at 1:42:19 PM.
cckazi9 (1:42:22 PM): yea thought so
Auto response from candrol88 (1:42:23 PM): I am not available because I am playing a computer game that takes up the whole screen.

cckazi9 (1:42:27 PM): lmfao @ u though


So...your on a laptop without wow how did u instantly sign into my account? lol?


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yeh, my second trade and the second time i got scammed. i'll get the account back because i do have the sq/a and cdkeys but from now on i'll be using a middleman. you available? haha.