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WTT War (35+epics)
#131566 - 07/08/06 09:24 AM
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Now up for grabs, a level 60 rank 14 Gnome warrior on Archimonde. Char is suited with well over 35 epics. http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?873192
that is gear link. I have SQ/A to char as well as CD keys, i can also show in game, also on account is a level 46 Human mage twink on same server...Looking for pretty much any class except paladin. If warrior, must have better if not equal gear, but horde..

IM me Candrol88

guy try to scam me he loged in changed my password he said he worked for dell

Xmasterflo: g
Xmasterflo: hey do u got ur gnome war still
candrol88: yup
Xmasterflo: ncie
Xmasterflo: what wep
candrol88: Ashkandi
Xmasterflo: nice
candrol88: interesteD?
Xmasterflo: yeah
Xmasterflo: is it tranfewable
candrol88: aye
candrol88: thats the good part
Xmasterflo: nice
candrol88: what ya got?
Xmasterflo: hunter 60
Xmasterflo: about to quit wow soon it sucks bord of it
candrol88: nice what kinda gear?
Xmasterflo: well i got other [censored] to on acocunt
Xmasterflo: had a preist
Xmasterflo: 2 of them
Xmasterflo: 60 and 60locked
Xmasterflo: preist was main
Xmasterflo: on my hunter
Xmasterflo: i got almost full blues ad shi
Xmasterflo: and [censored]
Xmasterflo: how old u?
candrol88: im 20
candrol88: you?
Xmasterflo: 19
candrol88: ahh
candrol88: well
candrol88: im looking for an epic account
candrol88: like an account with alot of epics
Xmasterflo: yeah i know amn i never played
Xmasterflo: warr
Xmasterflo: im bord of wow man
candrol88: hrmmm
candrol88: you have a preist/warlock?
Xmasterflo: yeah i had that [censored] got [censored]
Xmasterflo: got scamed
Xmasterflo: and hacked
Xmasterflo: so i stopdoing this trafing
candrol88: do you still have it?
candrol88: or only the hunter
Xmasterflo: huntre
candrol88: ally/horde?
candrol88: server?
candrol88: epic mount?
Xmasterflo: ya
Xmasterflo: allaince
Xmasterflo: frostmane
candrol88: ill tell ya what
candrol88: ill trade ya my warrior for hunter
Xmasterflo: kool
Xmasterflo: u got celly?
candrol88: no, im at work right now
Xmasterflo: o
candrol88: lol i work with Dell
Xmasterflo: kool
candrol88: but
candrol88: hey
Xmasterflo: ya
candrol88: i cant log into WoW on work computer
candrol88: so is it alright if you give me info to hunter, ill check to make sure its right on website, then if so, ill give ya warriors info
Xmasterflo: kool
Xmasterflo: so u want to trade
candrol88: yea
Xmasterflo: thought u wanted lot of epics
candrol88: ehh hunters are uberrr PvPers though
Xmasterflo: yah i know
Xmasterflo: peoplealawyas say its broken
Xmasterflo: do u got tank
Xmasterflo: gear
Xmasterflo: and [censored]
Xmasterflo: and dps
candrol88: i have tank gear
candrol88: dps gear
candrol88: ms gear
candrol88: FR gear
candrol88: NR gear
candrol88: SR gear
Xmasterflo: nice
candrol88: heh
candrol88: im ready when you are
Xmasterflo: ok kool
candrol88: your account info?
Xmasterflo: mastermanx2005
Xmasterflo: master1436
Xmasterflo: what kinda server u on
candrol88: pVp
Xmasterflo: nic
Xmasterflo: did u get the info
candrol88: checking now
candrol88: you got SQA?
Xmasterflo: ya
candrol88: good
Xmasterflo: u?
candrol88: ill need that after trade
candrol88: yup
Xmasterflo: u got cdkey?
candrol88: no
candrol88: you
candrol88: hey
Xmasterflo: nah [censored]
candrol88: info didnt work my friend
Xmasterflo: mastermanx2005
Xmasterflo: u changed it
Xmasterflo: password dood
candrol88: i did?
candrol88: lmao how did i change it when i couldn;t log on?
Xmasterflo: on websuite
candrol88: it wouldn't let me into website
Xmasterflo: o
Xmasterflo: hold let me check
Xmasterflo: did work
Xmasterflo: yeah i changed pasword something mus been wrong
candrol88: so
candrol88: you got PW now?
Xmasterflo: ya
candrol88: kk
candrol88: well i dont know man
Xmasterflo: wnana try it again
candrol88: the account doesnt really seem very .... legit
Xmasterflo: lol i gave u pasword
Xmasterflo: u changed
Xmasterflo: it lol
candrol88: i did?
candrol88: lmao
Xmasterflo: im not dumb man
Xmasterflo: lol
Xmasterflo: funny
candrol88: get the [censored] outta here
candrol88 signed off at 9:57:58 AM.

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Damit, Im sorry I forgot to put this guy on scam section.. I made a post about him in one of his threads.. His other AIM is sizewo. He says he has no USA accounts, but does, he says he has europe accounts, but doesnt. He raps himself in lies but can't get out so hes normally easily detectable =/.

Other AIM is sizewo and he scammed me once.. Forgot to leave neg