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Can we please ban this scammer


Well-known member
Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
Hes scammed more than once.

These are the usernames he is using:Anthonyman(17570) and Yepyep(19451) and KevEnz(19513) and PriestyWiesty(23040)

From : http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showratings.php/User/23040

He has multiple aims, the ones I know of are: PriestyWeisty and xEndless FightxX

Hes scammed a hunter from girls suck at cs(his aim name).
Hes scammed 75$ from me trading a warlock.
Hes scammed jrmcent for 125$ with the same warlock.

Info for me being scammed at:

Info for jrmcent being banned at:

Please ban this users IP, hes proved to be a scammer.

If you need any info from me, send me an aim Peoplez1k.
Another person who was scammed can be contacted at aim name girls suck at cs.