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Buying & Selling The Following Arties/Scrolls/Vet Rewards ETC...


Well-known member
Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
All Doom/Stealable Artifacts
1/3 Ring W/ 14 LRC (Fire Resist a Plus but not needed) Paying ALOT
Ethy Ridgeback
Braclet W/ DI & HCI
Godly Bows
1/3 Ring with 5+ SDI (HCI/DI A Plus)
Vet Robe/Cloak Sets
Nice Spell Chan Warforks/Cleavers with Hit Spell
Bulk Blank Scrolls
Bulk raw Fishsteaks
Nice barbed runic Leather Armor
+20 Resist, Med, Eval, Magery

Jackals Collar
+20 Swords
+15 SCrolls
Repond, Reptile, Arachnid Super Slayers Spellbooks
Quiver of Elements & Elen
Swords of Prosperity
Lucky Necklace
8th Ann Token
Gloves of Puglist
Blessed Black Sandals
Heart of Lion
Wrath of Dyrad