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Buying/Selling! Must Look


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Buying ubws butchers/cleaver w/fc1 and mods. Also fc1 War fork w/atleast 20ssi and a spell hit or mana leach, Pay lot more for both! Also gloves w/ high cold/poison resist 6+lmc and mana regen2. Stam or mana inc=a ton of fold for you!!!

Selling: Tons of Awsome pvp and runic made armor! My Shop is located in [email protected] Mystykas ML Shop, formerly The Armory of the Gods. Just North West of the Luna Spamming Box. Will -Listen to offers on anything there, or let me k-now what you need, i have ways of finding things /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif icq-148-577-512 if you request auth pls say how you got my icq, or i will decline. Aim me @ Deluber20