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Buying/Selling Following Items, Vet Rewards, Bows, Weapons etc.


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Fire Robe/Cloak Vet Set
Barbed Runic Leather Armor
1/3 Rings & Braclets with 13+ LRC
BULK Blank Scrolls
+25 Stat Scrolls ... looking to buy 8 or 9 of them

Arachnid Super Slayer Spellbooks
Bracelet W/ HCI 10%, LMC 4%, DI 24%
Tome of Enlightment
Tome of Lost Knowledge
Heart of Lion
Staff of Magi
Spell Channeling Warfork With 38% Hit Lightneing & 33 DI
Spell Channeling Warfork W/ Hit LIghtening 28%, 25 SSI, 14 DI
Spell Channeling Warfork W/ Stam Leech 42%, Mana Leech 44%, HCI 5%, -1, 46 DI
Composite Bow, Hit Harm 32%, Mana Leech 42%, SSI 10%, DI 30%