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Brainwater2 (aim)

beann -banned

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He scammed me out of a rank 11 NE rogue, i dont have the convo anymore, but he sounded like a legit guy guy till....

he said while he was DL'ing patch i could go and play on his guy (warrior) i was like ok, ill see if i like it he then gave me info, trusting him i just put mine in there to, i go to check his it says invalid pw i talk to him he post another pw its invalid, i then go to log in to my acount cant login im like [censored]....
i go to reset my pw blizz is saying my Secret answer is invalid im like blizzz l2runacompany so im screwed totally out of my rogue
had 3/8 BF
3/8 NS
claw of the black drake -brut blade
rank 11 gear, watch out for this guy serisouly

Rekilen-temp banned

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I've been scammed out of over 3000$ on WoW. I never really cared, wanna know why? They never were my real characters. If you actually leveled that guy to 60 and geared him up and trusted anyone with your information. I'm glad it happened, anyone who has played a character for months and geared it up and is willing to just trade it off leave friends/guilds cause there too lazy to level another character, I don't really care who and what happens to there account.

If it is your original account, then you don't deserve it, you seem like you've already given up =/

And if you aren't the original owner- Well, find a way to get em back/get the account back or just restart.