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he scammed me...

LilAlucard91: interested in a hunters account?
boxeroaman: Yea what u got
boxeroaman: u got a hunter
LilAlucard91: yep
boxeroaman: What ya looken for?
LilAlucard91: anything really
boxeroaman: do u have sq/sa
LilAlucard91: no, but i can assure it wont get recalled
boxeroaman: if not its cool
boxeroaman: cause..i dont have ether
LilAlucard91: oh ok
LilAlucard91: what did u have again/
boxeroaman: I have a rogue atm
LilAlucard91: level?
boxeroaman: 60\
LilAlucard91: race and gear
boxeroaman: UD umm
boxeroaman: almost full sc
LilAlucard91: any other accounts?
boxeroaman: ummm]
boxeroaman: i have a 60 mage with a 60 hunter
boxeroaman: decent gear on all
boxeroaman: just no time on it
LilAlucard91: what weapons does the rogueh ave
boxeroaman: lobo
boxeroaman: and glacial dager
boxeroaman: both from av
boxeroaman: i 3> hunters
LilAlucard91: lol
LilAlucard91: u mean <3
boxeroaman: yea however it goes
boxeroaman: im down to trade gear doesnt matter
LilAlucard91: ill give u the account FOR 8k gold? o.o
boxeroaman: pfft
LilAlucard91: i want this 60 warrior
boxeroaman: No money
LilAlucard91: ok
boxeroaman: i got a 58 hunter
boxeroaman: warrior*
LilAlucard91: race and server and gear
boxeroaman: orc mannoroth all blues
LilAlucard91: any puples?
boxeroaman: umm
LilAlucard91: like pieces of might
boxeroaman: yea krols blade
boxeroaman: might is 60...
boxeroaman: he is 58
boxeroaman: hmmm 8kg ya say
boxeroaman: hmmm
boxeroaman: I have money but....
boxeroaman: serously i will require u to give acc info first
boxeroaman: cause ive been riped of like that 2 times
LilAlucard91: yep
LilAlucard91: 2 60 hunters Tauren and NIGHT ELF
boxeroaman: nice
LilAlucard91: would u do it?
boxeroaman: Yea
LilAlucard91: for 8k gold/
boxeroaman: Hmmm
boxeroaman: yea i guess...
boxeroaman: just cause it has 2 60's
boxeroaman: if it had 1 i'd have to have all tier 2
LilAlucard91: lol
boxeroaman: but u will have to give acccount info first dude
LilAlucard91: would we use a middleman?
boxeroaman: who is the middle man
boxeroaman: i dont rlly like using middle men
boxeroaman: i like just 1 on 1 talking
boxeroaman: so u down to trade for 8k?
LilAlucard91: yeah
LilAlucard91: but, i would be afraid about u scamming me /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif since i dont have sq/sa/
boxeroaman: u'd give me account info then i'd verify then u tell me the guy u want the gold on then i'd send it
boxeroaman: Dont worry dude i havent ever been accused of scamming
boxeroaman: and ive traded alot
LilAlucard91: hmmmm
LilAlucard91: can u buy the gold, and then take a screenshot that u really bought it?
boxeroaman: only thing ive been accused of is being to nice of a stranger lol
boxeroaman: u cant buy the gold...like that
boxeroaman: it's like right when u buy it its on its way being sent to whoever X wanetd it to be
LilAlucard91: ah
boxeroaman: like i said ive never been acused...of scamming
boxeroaman: nothing on the lines of stealing anything
LilAlucard91: im not accusing :]
boxeroaman: i know im just saying ive never been accused
LilAlucard91: hmm
LilAlucard91: let me take a sec to talk to someone
boxeroaman: ok
LilAlucard91: THIS is why i want 8k for it http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?627481
boxeroaman: o
LilAlucard91: alright, ill do it.
LilAlucard91: all the guy wants as proof, is an email of the receipt
boxeroaman: The warrior guy>
LilAlucard91: yeah
boxeroaman: i can do that
LilAlucard91: and ill be getting sq/sa/
boxeroaman: When?
LilAlucard91: for the warrior
LilAlucard91: when i give him the gold
boxeroaman: o nice
LilAlucard91: this will be a tough trade :p
LilAlucard91: i give u accoutn info
boxeroaman: Ok
LilAlucard91: forward it to: [email protected]
boxeroaman: thats the warrior guy
boxeroaman: Ok
LilAlucard91: out of curiousity, when i give u account info
boxeroaman: yea
LilAlucard91: ull get gold, but u only get the receipt when u buy it
boxeroaman: yea
boxeroaman: then in the next 5-1 hour the warrior guy will get the gold
boxeroaman: 5 mins - 1 hour
LilAlucard91: crap.. i will need 2 use an account for u sending the gold 2, cause im getting the gold and then trading it to him
LilAlucard91: and my rogue account is inactive
boxeroaman: So....u want me to send it to the Ummm
boxeroaman: the hunter?
boxeroaman: or
boxeroaman: what
LilAlucard91: thats what i mean
LilAlucard91: if i give u info first
LilAlucard91: u send the gold 2 the hunter
boxeroaman: ok
LilAlucard91: and then u can change the passwod after me and the other guy do it
boxeroaman: ok
LilAlucard91: exchange
LilAlucard91: whats ur markee name
boxeroaman: ok
boxeroaman: boxeroaman
boxeroaman: wait
LilAlucard91: what
boxeroaman: thats aim lol boxer101
LilAlucard91: o lol
boxeroaman: is markee name
boxeroaman: lol
LilAlucard91: who r u buying gold from
boxeroaman: dgamesky
boxeroaman: i get discounts from there lol
boxeroaman: cause ive bout gold b4
LilAlucard91: oh, nice
boxeroaman: yea
LilAlucard91: alright, so let me logon to get character name :p
boxeroaman: k
boxeroaman: o yea btw if u scam me i will have your account band just to let u know
boxeroaman: thats why i require u to go first
LilAlucard91: trust me dude, i just gave u 5 star rating :]
LilAlucard91: i wont do crap
LilAlucard91: i want this acount off him, so i can settle in and stop trading
boxeroaman: lol
boxeroaman: cool
boxeroaman: is the warrior on the same server?
LilAlucard91: on Dethecus
LilAlucard91: PvP
boxeroaman: is that the hunters server?>
LilAlucard91: nope
LilAlucard91: the hunters are on pvp server besides one of em
LilAlucard91: on Khadgar or something
boxeroaman: o i was gonan say it's gonna be cool cause i can play with u lol
boxeroaman: o cool
LilAlucard91: lol
LilAlucard91: u can make a character on dethecus :]
LilAlucard91: a hunter
boxeroaman: lol
boxeroaman: maybe!
LilAlucard91: lol
LilAlucard91: oh yeah account name
boxeroaman: lol
LilAlucard91: oh yeah, i need to make a charcater on bloodhoof
boxeroaman: ok i got a pen and paper
boxeroaman: ok lol
LilAlucard91: -has butterflys in his stomach-
LilAlucard91: im afraid to get scammed
boxeroaman: lol dont worry dude
boxeroaman: i ant like that man
LilAlucard91: alright
LilAlucard91: i typed in the wrong password for the account, and it said wrong, and i was about to cry lol
LilAlucard91: but i forgot i changed it
boxeroaman: u never gave it to me lol
LilAlucard91: i know
LilAlucard91: im going 2
LilAlucard91: just making a character on bloodhoof
boxeroaman: k
boxeroaman: k
boxeroaman: why u need a char on bloodhoof>
LilAlucard91: cause thats who ur sending 2 :]
LilAlucard91: so i can secure my trade with the other guy
boxeroaman: o lol
LilAlucard91: ull get info after i make this character
boxeroaman: k
LilAlucard91: and ull send the gold to the guy on bloodhoof and the other guy meets me, i tease him with it, cuase he is giving the info first
LilAlucard91: and then once i get his info, i verify and i give hgim the gold
boxeroaman: lol k
LilAlucard91: oh yeah, and send me a receipt of the form so i can save on computer
boxeroaman: k
LilAlucard91: [email protected]
boxeroaman: k
LilAlucard91: we will be giving feedback correct?
boxeroaman: Yes
boxeroaman: ok
boxeroaman: u make the char?
LilAlucard91: wont let me
boxeroaman: Need to go in a sec
LilAlucard91: crap
boxeroaman: just make a name liek adagh
LilAlucard91: can u meet him ingame
LilAlucard91: it wont let me make a char
boxeroaman: why....
LilAlucard91: something about a queue?
boxeroaman: ill make 1
boxeroaman: O lol
boxeroaman: it wil ltake me same amount of time as u dude
LilAlucard91: o
boxeroaman: Just let me verify ok
LilAlucard91: it says currently disabled
boxeroaman: then ill make a char on bloodhoof
boxeroaman: rofl!

boxeroaman: server down
boxeroaman: lol
LilAlucard91: its not, but char creation is
boxeroaman: o lol
boxeroaman: Stil lwill take awhile
boxeroaman: I can make 1 tonight
LilAlucard91: the thing is
LilAlucard91: i wanna get this trade done, before i go to bed ><
boxeroaman: Just trade me now ill make 1 tongith and send the money when u r awake ok
LilAlucard91: x.x
boxeroaman: ?
LilAlucard91: well when will u beb ack
boxeroaman: tommorrow?
boxeroaman: I got school so ill be back about 12 my time'
LilAlucard91: hey, do u have a paintball gun?
boxeroaman: Yea why lol
LilAlucard91: ill trade u my acct for it dude
boxeroaman: rofl
boxeroaman: No way
LilAlucard91: ok lol
boxeroaman: that gun cost me 500 buks plus it was a gift that i got modified so i cant
boxeroaman: Well....
boxeroaman: can i get account info...b4 u got to sleep
LilAlucard91: well hold on man
LilAlucard91: we r thinking i give u my account info
LilAlucard91: u send the gold
LilAlucard91: to that guys char
LilAlucard91: and once he recieves receipt he gives mfino
LilAlucard91: what u think?
boxeroaman: u can do w/e u want as long as i get account info liek i said 10000 times lol
LilAlucard91: i know
LilAlucard91: ill give u account info
boxeroaman: k
boxeroaman: what is it?
LilAlucard91: then u send the gold, and u get the receipt and send it to him
boxeroaman: o ok
LilAlucard91: send me the receipt first though
boxeroaman: ya ill do that
LilAlucard91: ok
LilAlucard91: theolympia
boxeroaman: so its
boxeroaman: 15whatever15?
LilAlucard91: [email protected]
LilAlucard91: yeah
boxeroaman: k
LilAlucard91: wait
boxeroaman: wrong
LilAlucard91: letm e hceck
boxeroaman: k
LilAlucard91: i just did it
boxeroaman: ok so it's 15whatever15?
boxeroaman: theolympia
LilAlucard91: i jusr changed the info
boxeroaman: k
boxeroaman: wahts pw
LilAlucard91: hold on
boxeroaman: k
boxeroaman: ...
LilAlucard91: man, i just feel u might scam me, like u were trying to lag me while u changed the PW on the WoW website
boxeroaman: how do i lag u?
LilAlucard91: like
LilAlucard91: so it was?
boxeroaman: huh>?
boxeroaman: the pw was wrong...
boxeroaman: 15whatever15 right
LilAlucard91: it WAS that
boxeroaman: acc name is theolympia
LilAlucard91: yeah
boxeroaman: ....
boxeroaman: did u change it,,,
LilAlucard91: yeah
LilAlucard91: u worried me
LilAlucard91: u havent bought the gold have u?
boxeroaman: rofl
boxeroaman: No...
LilAlucard91: ok
LilAlucard91: good
boxeroaman: im waiting on u...
LilAlucard91: why dont i give u the new PW once u send me receipt and THEN i give u the password
LilAlucard91: so that ill know
boxeroaman: No deal man....
boxeroaman: I said account b4 gold
boxeroaman: I dont scam!

LilAlucard91: but... it just seems like it ya know?
boxeroaman: no...it doesnt u r just worried
LilAlucard91: send me an email saying hi
LilAlucard91: so i know ur email
boxeroaman: what's ya email
LilAlucard91: [email protected]
boxeroaman: tardy-gaited-death-token
boxeroaman: u made me lag
boxeroaman: ok i sent it
boxeroaman: u could just ask for my emal...
boxeroaman: [email protected]
LilAlucard91: i jhust wanna make sure its u ;p;
boxeroaman: .com
boxeroaman: send me a emal...
LilAlucard91: ok
boxeroaman: ok new pw....
boxeroaman: this rlly is my only freetime....so
boxeroaman: it's rlly now
boxeroaman: or next week
boxeroaman: Grauation coming up
boxeroaman: give me pw....then i send gold...
LilAlucard91: ok hold on
[censored] up
LilAlucard91: mine 2 lol
LilAlucard91: server errir
boxeroaman: yea
LilAlucard91: well.. ill just risk it
LilAlucard91: send the gold to Warscion
LilAlucard91: and my account info is
LilAlucard91: theolympia
LilAlucard91: 15warcraft15
boxeroaman: let me verify
LilAlucard91: remember to send gold to Warscion
LilAlucard91: on Bloodhoof
boxeroaman: hmmm not worken dude
boxeroaman: let me try in game
LilAlucard91: ohthats right
LilAlucard91: its 15password15
boxeroaman: k let me try that...
boxeroaman: not working
LilAlucard91: dude
LilAlucard91: scammer..
[censored] serouis
boxeroaman: It's not working
boxeroaman: Check again
LilAlucard91: dude, it was theolympia 15password15
LilAlucard91: well u changed the pw on me
LilAlucard91: thanks a lot.
LilAlucard91: hope u enjoy the account...
boxeroaman: ....
boxeroaman: I didnt take it
LilAlucard91: right....
boxeroaman: w/e man
boxeroaman: I gotta get to sleep ttul
LilAlucard91: then why is pw changed
boxeroaman signed off at 7:04:13 PM.


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BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
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right... boxer is a total scammer. he is such a liar. He was doing that oh what is it? and then he would say the PW while changing it online. DONT TRUST HIM. even if he has like 1 feedback. He is a total liar and shouldnt be allowed on markee. And that account was traded to me. And Boxer doesnt keep his word. Dont believe him, he isnt welcome here. I was actually legit about it and I paid for it. I took my chances, and he just makes this site worser than it is. He has no right to be here, he uses lame excuses for himself not to be accused of a scammer. The conversation says it all. Don't lie to us about it. I actually trusted you.. that was pathetic of me now. Anyway, your not welcome here and dont come back.
With All Due Respect,
Mike Reynolds: Alucard0987

PS: he did scam me, I typed in the exact PW to the account and he still is in denial of him scamming me. He lies to HIMSELF.


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Alucard is a scammer for sure. Dunno about boxer but Alucard is one and I'm 100% sure, he scammed me and a friend. I have his adress and home phone number, and until our accounts are returned we keep ringing and asking. And the other guy you scammed lives near S. Yarra, so I'd just give it up, if by next weekend we don't have our accounts we gonna give you a visit m8, GG.

boxer101-temp ban

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