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MitchAtLaw: so do you wanna see him?
B0x432: Just give me the basic idea of what he/she is like
MitchAtLaw: he is in the best PvP guild on the server...i just joined so im only Rank 3...He is a gnome...Great rep on the server...my highest crit was 2420
B0x432: any epics?
B0x432: epic mount?
B0x432: how much gold
MitchAtLaw: no epics...no epic mount...but im getting 500g soon from a guildie who owes me
MitchAtLaw: today i got 264 Hks
MitchAtLaw: in one AV
B0x432: Alright, no need to see ingame.
B0x432: I'll trade u right now.
B0x432: But can u go first?
MitchAtLaw: ok 1 sec
MitchAtLaw: ok
MitchAtLaw: ***** // ***** /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif
B0x432: sec
B0x432: Lemme quickly verify
MitchAtLaw: ok
MitchAtLaw: you done?
B0x432: No, I just logged off my Hunter-.-
MitchAtLaw: oh ok
B0x432: And r u original owner?
MitchAtLaw: yes
B0x432: Alright, can I have SQA now plz?
MitchAtLaw: ...why am i not getting any info from you
B0x432: cuz im scamming u
B0x432: durr
MitchAtLaw: thats smart
MitchAtLaw: now can i have the info
B0x432: na
B0x432: lol
B0x432: my acc name is ******
B0x432: password is jack4332
MitchAtLaw: no its not
B0x432: yes it is
MitchAtLaw: ****// jack4332
B0x432: yep
B0x432: B0x432 (8:39:27 a.m.): cuz im scamming u
B0x432: learn to read
B0x432: better recall b4 i sell all ur [censored]
MitchAtLaw: ...
MitchAtLaw: why do you have to be [censored] like that
B0x432: cuz i can
B0x432 signed off at 4:43:06 PM.

Thats [censored]!!!!!


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didnt i already prove that badxo was a scammer a long time ago and every day there is a post about him scamming someone.. no sympathy.