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BosnianPerson11 -- lol.


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<font color="red">Session Start (mad khao disease:actofagod): Tue Jul 04 23:44:03 2006
[23:44] actofagod: whats your Markee name?
[23:44] mad khao disease: eternaldarkness
[23:44] actofagod: ..
[23:44] actofagod: You got any other Screen names?
[23:44] mad khao disease: nop
[23:44] actofagod: BosnianPerson11 said he was Darkness
[23:44] actofagod: Scammer eh
[23:44] mad khao disease: Lol
[23:44] actofagod: He told u to message me about fifa on markee?
[23:44] mad khao disease: ya
[23:45] actofagod: Bugger
[23:45] mad khao disease: what did he say
[23:45] actofagod: He said he has multiple SNs on Markee
[23:45] actofagod: Eternal is one.
[23:45] mad khao disease: lol..</font>
<font color="blue">
[00:27] mad khao disease: lol so im one of your alternate SNs?
[00:27] *** "bosnianperson11" signed off at Wed Jul 05 00:27:57 2006.</font>