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Skype: icanboost
Discord: Victory(M)#9763

The best reason to choose VictoryWow

VictoryWow is the BoostService of the New World
For the last 6 years, we complete thousands of thousand orders in another games, And now! We start our services in the New World!

Why we’re ?

  • No Bots, cheats, and unavailable addons.
  • Quick service. We get your product as soon as possible.
  • VPN of your country. Fewer Risks, More safety.
  • We provide pilot and Self-play modes for every service in New World

What do we provide at New World for today? (Please check this list later, to get actual information)
  • Extra fast boost for 1-60!
  • Proffesions boost
  • Item farming
  • Account Shop
We guarantee you:
  • Almost no ban risk.
  • Full safety of your character.
  • Fast service.
  • The cheap price in the Market of New World!
  • Our boosters work in game market since 2015, so we really know, what should we do, to clear your order for a flashlight’s speed!

Payment Services: PayPal, Paysend, Transferwise, Crypto, Western Union
For pilot-mode assume you uncheck your steam authenticator. We will contact you, then the service will be finished. Don’t log in to your steam account, through the servicer works.
To get actual prices — please contact us. We put down them and give you special offers every day.
If the account gets banned during leveling, we will compensate you 100%.
The person that is leveling your account is located on NA\EU\Asia
Leveling is done by hand.

▶️SKYPE: icanboost◀️
▶️DISCORD: Victory(M)#9763◀️
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