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Boosthive.eu - All WoW Services - Leveling & Raid boost & Dungeons & Mounts


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Boosthive.eu - All WoW Services - Leveling & Raid boost & Dungeons & Mounts


World of Warcraft Boost
All kind of Services (Leveling, PvE, PvP, Arena, RBG)

7% Discount Code: Epicnpc7


i get the mage tower for tank, and it was soo fast! (and cheap as well), i will get it for my girlfriend as well!
i can just recomend these guys!

Awesome quick and reliable boost! I ordered a Mage Tower Tank Challenge Boost in the morning and only a few hours later it was done! Live-Stream and Skype-Support included. I was a bit sceptical at first, but as soon as i put up the order, the team added me on Skype for further instructions. 10/10 would absolutely recommend!
Great service from these guys,

Bought tank challenge, on a 905 tank and everything was good!

Quick response, cheap services, and really good boost. Ordered the tank challenge, and a few minutes after payment, everything was rolling, the booster got onto my account and started working on clearing the challenge. All in all a really good experience.
Would definitely advice others to use these guys if in need of a boost!
Got a mage tower boost, awesome job. The whole process took 1 hour.
Already bought 2 boost 100-110 and no problems, really good price, service and fast (last one in less than 6 hours).
Amazing service.

They started 10 minutes after I had ordered the service and didn't stop until they were done. When I woke up this morning I was not only level 110, but I had also gotten friendly with The Nightfallen aswell as unlocked worldquests and much much more! Still the best thing was that I was provided with a livestream so that I could follow the progress as well as make sure they didn't use bots (which they definitely don't.).

They really went above and beyond with this one.
Really dedicated team behind this company who will guarantee your order. Honest and friendly seller. Will use again.
i bought 3x lvl 100-110 power level and each char is done under 8 hours, very good service, i high recommend them!!
TY for epic service!!
If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me by skype or e-mail

Once again, we are not intermediate sellers, we are the real performers. During the order completion we provide you with a private stream so that you can enjoy the process and watch your toon through out the service.



Boosthive has made its main goal to provide fast and efficient services for people interested in acquiring PvE and PvP achievements and in-game content.
We are a team of professional players taking the game seriously and working hard to provide you with more and more staff available in the World of Warcraft.


Privacy policy

When ordering some of the services from us, you may be asked to provide essential account related information, such as, email address, password, skype or other details required for the fulfilment of service and making your experience as smooth as possible.
• The received information is stored offline and given only to the service provider.
• Only the service provider and the customer know about the ordered service.
• None of your information will be used outside the sphere of ordered services.
• Information is secured and protected and bound by the non-disclosure agreement.
• We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information.
After the completion of all activities related to the order you are free to change all the provided information for the additional security precautions.


General Terms & Conditions & F.A.Q.

All received orders are performed by the reliable service providers, who we use for a number of years.
All orders are being taken to the execution only after the pre-payment or against the deposit previously agreed with the customer support manager.
All services are clearly described to the customer beforehand and agreed on the terms and scheduling before the payment.
The approximate time and date of the service completion will be provided, which can only be changed in case of emergency. Costumer will be notified about this change immediately.
Refund Policy.
Our customers are eligible for a full refund only in the following cases:
• Your service has not yet begun and you would like to cancel it
• We are unable to fulfill the service according to agreed terms
• Your account is suspended as a result of our services (time frame for this type of refund is 1 week after the fulfillment of service)
In case your order is in progress and you would like to cancel it, you are eligible for a partial refund.

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