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Bluetrader = Scammer.


Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
[Blue]: hi
[Ravage|]: Hio.
[Ravage|]: What you got up for trade?
[Blue]: my steam has css and ddos(not hl2 original)
[Ravage|]: Ok, I don't need HL2.
[Ravage|]: So it's a deal?
[Blue]: ye my steam for gw
[Ravage|] : Ok, do you have any screens ?
[Blue]: sec gonna eat my pie

and then after 5 mins.

[Blue]: back
[Blue]: ok, according to the rulez you need to give information first cause i have higher rank
[Ravage|] Uhmz, ok, i'll trust you..
[Ravage|] My login details are: [email protected]
[Ravage|] Password is rayvagio or Rayvagio
[Blue] ok gonna change the account username and password then you can do it too
[Ravage|] Ok.

after a while and accepting username change

[Blue] ok here are my details

His mail is:
[email protected] & [email protected]

So that's that.
Guess it's part of my own fault too, but I'll learn from my mistakes.