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Blokade - *Beware, long paste*


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This is the large part of our conversation tonight, and just thought it seemed fishy. I won't give him feedback because I can't prove he's a scammer or anything, but I want to show people the kind of stuff he says, and how shady he seems, just in case it saves them from getting scammed.

Issherai: Wait...You were gonna buy my Shaman...but your paypal is closed?
Blokade: wait is it a tauren whaman?
Issherai: Well, 23 epic char
Issherai: Yup.
Issherai: Male Tauren
Blokade: sweet [censored]
Blokade: wanna see my druid?
Blokade: with full tier 2 unbelieveable epics....
Blokade: ?
Issherai: I don't need to see it as long as you don't scam me
Issherai: :p
Issherai: But..Do you have SQA?
Blokade: ill take a ss then
Blokade: yes i do
Blokade: and cd keys
Issherai: How did you get this acc?
Blokade: i bought it
Issherai: From who?
Issherai: And how did you buy it, if your paypal is frozen, and yesterday you didn't have this acc?
Blokade: a former online friend of mine from his orig server
Issherai: Hmmm
Blokade: because i know the guy in real life....
Blokade: dude i dont got time for ur bs...
Issherai: Screenshot?
Blokade: taking 1
Blokade: dont got paint i dont know y
Blokade: and i saved it in word pad and imageshake wont let me host it
Blokade: where else can i host it at?
Issherai: Photodump
Blokade: k sec
Issherai: Hmmm, I can't access the WoW site to change my pass
Blokade: ....
Issherai: ?
Blokade: Issherai: Hmmm, I can't access the WoW site to change my pass
Blokade: damnit it saves as .rft
Blokade: wtf...
Blokade: i dont know where else to save it from...but word pad cus i dont have paint
Issherai: What's wrong with ''Hmmm, I can't access the WoW site to change my pass''?
Blokade: idk y u cant... but ok
Blokade: um magic master has seen my druid...and just look at the profiles unless you can login to see him
Blokade: other then that i cant help you syr
Blokade: sry
Blokade: so nothing?
Issherai: Gimme a min
Blokade: dont wanna see ingame?
Blokade: sounds fishy but ok
Issherai: I don't have a US acc
Blokade: k
Blokade: ask magic master...he knows and hes seen it ask him for 1
Blokade: ....
Issherai: Some guy is trying to scam me, 1 sec
Blokade: change ur pw then
Blokade: or recall...so we can trade
Issherai: Can you name 1 person you've done a succesfull trade with?
Blokade: um ive only started buying and trading for the past like weak now...and never traded...just bought
Issherai: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showratings.php/User/12479
Blokade: kaymor dont know he was
Blokade: but pbfreak he thinks im some other guy
Issherai: How come kaymore says you scammed his hunter?
Blokade: look douchebag if your here to harras me and not serious then [censored] u, and ive never seen or herd of the guy, tell him to tell me what hunter hes talking about
Blokade signed off at 11:30:21 PM.


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He can never fight his own battles.. All he can say is [censored] YOU ******* then block you... What a [censored]... Get a life little ***** /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif.


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just like you, and hes mad cus i didnt want his [censored] ass shaman, all i gotta say bye *******...

[/ QUOTE ]

I don't get angry, I get even. And even at that, that is not my intention in this post. First you wanted to buy my Shaman a couple days ago, yet here you admitted your paypal has been frozen? Then you got the hunter from an old online friend, who then becomes a RL friend. THEN, as I'm keeping my calm, you start cussing me out, and log out, and say I'm just mad because you don't want my char? Your the one that said ''dude i dont have time lets just do this now''. And, tried to buy it. Anyways...Stop the lies, before someone traces your IP, and you get seriously [censored] up. I'm not kidding. If you scam, someone, sooner or later, will trace your IP and either contact the police, your parents, your familly, or otherwise...none of those will be fun. Just stop, for your own sake as much as the people who you try to scam.

My 2 cents.