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bigboi7031 scammer story - good read


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Ok, so I decided to play extremely safe when this guy contacted me. Here are a few details. He first email'd me under the name Kasra Owj <[email protected]> and told me to contact his AIM. So i did. I picked up on a few things that initially led me to believe he was a scammer and so I tried to play dumb so I could catch him in his lies. Ultimately I asked him to log into the character and he wouldn't. I'm putting the AIM conversation in here so people may see what it's like to be scammed. Luckily I did not go through with this deal and finally did a 2-month old search on the forums to find that he was reported to be a scammer by some1 else. If you read through it you'll catch on to some of the stupid mistakes this guy made as well as some of the smart moves i made, such as repeating questions. This is actually my first ever time dealing with something like this and I am glad I handled it the way I did.

Also ive uploaded the picture he sent me via AIM:

AffroMan 10: yo
bigboi7031: hi
AffroMan 10: u emailed me about a horde azgalor priest?
bigboi7031: rank 14
bigboi7031: o ya
bigboi7031: ur voltron?
bigboi7031: !
bigboi7031: or
AffroMan 10: no
bigboi7031: mbesto
AffroMan 10: ya mbesto
bigboi7031: ya let me show u a profile of my priest
AffroMan 10: rank 14? whats the name sure
bigboi7031: no thats warrior, hold on baby is crying
AffroMan 10: haha k
bigboi7031: k bak
AffroMan 10: k
bigboi7031: k so let me get profile
AffroMan 10: kk
bigboi7031: http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?782133
bigboi7031: about 45 gold, plsu epic mount and mostly everything i got is epic
AffroMan 10: nice
AffroMan 10: looks good
bigboi7031: but u know
bigboi7031: i am quiting casue life
bigboi7031: is taking wayy to much of my time
AffroMan 10: ya i hear ya
bigboi7031: so i figured i could make some money off of it heh
AffroMan 10: right
AffroMan 10: how much u looking for?
bigboi7031: no idea, this is my first time selling, i don't plan to be ripped, and hope everything to go well, can you give me a price range?
AffroMan 10: i mean i personally am looking to spend around $200
bigboi7031: 200 usd?
bigboi7031: sounds nice
AffroMan 10: ya
AffroMan 10: hold on
AffroMan 10: i too dont want to get ripped
bigboi7031: we doing paypal?
bigboi7031: am i right?
AffroMan 10: u have any creditionals....like ebay or ur markee name?
bigboi7031: cause as far as i know
bigboi7031: ya i have an ebay acc with 22 feedback
bigboi7031: let me link u
AffroMan 10: gimme a sec
bigboi7031: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=aumkar22&item=-1&frm=1883
bigboi7031: not a single neg feedback
bigboi7031: but again paypal is the safest online method as far as i know.
AffroMan 10: right id like to use it
bigboi7031: heh ya
bigboi7031: did u click my link
AffroMan 10: hold on
bigboi7031: shows my feedback
bigboi7031: well i mostly bought stuff
bigboi7031: lol
AffroMan 10: whats ur login for markee dragon?
bigboi7031: i dun have a markee, i just started heh, i cud make one if u want, and i cud login to my ebay and take a pic of my acc page if u want to
bigboi7031: for verfication.
AffroMan 10: so how did u find out i wanted a priest?
bigboi7031: i emailed u ? lol
bigboi7031: meaning
bigboi7031: i saw ur poist?>
bigboi7031: lol?
AffroMan 10: right just making sure
bigboi7031: lol k
AffroMan 10: sorry for being difficult just dont want to get ripped off
bigboi7031: oh dun worry
bigboi7031: do u want pic of my acc overvirew
bigboi7031: in ebay?
bigboi7031: showing my rep
AffroMan 10: ya that'd be great
bigboi7031: aite just a sec
AffroMan 10: kk
bigboi7031 wants to send file ebay.JPG.
bigboi7031: i can also imageshack it too, but then i did have to cross off my name
bigboi7031: =p
affroman10 received C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\download\affroman10\ebay.JPG.
bigboi7031: u cansee
bigboi7031: our convo
bigboi7031: in the bottom too
bigboi7031: meaning i just took it rite now
bigboi7031: and my rep link
bigboi7031: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=aumkar22&item=-1&frm=1883
bigboi7031: total 25 recieved 100%
AffroMan 10: cool
AffroMan 10: so this is your first time selling?
bigboi7031: ya
bigboi7031: selling wow acc
bigboi7031: just this category lol
bigboi7031: i mostly buy stuff off ebay
AffroMan 10: right cool
AffroMan 10: hold on, killing boss
bigboi7031: lol
AffroMan 10: u know any1 in Infiniti by any chance?
bigboi7031: not that i heard of
bigboi7031: i mite know, but again i need the names
bigboi7031: i just looked their guild u
bigboi7031: up*
bigboi7031: small guild
bigboi7031: lol
bigboi7031: so we are doing this deal for 200 usd, via paypal am i right?
bigboi7031: i am also going to give you secret question
bigboi7031: and secret answer
AffroMan 10: right
AffroMan 10: can u give me a few days
bigboi7031: o_O
AffroMan 10: i need a check to clear
bigboi7031: it will be defenitley sold my then lol
bigboi7031: how much u got in ur paypal rite now?
AffroMan 10: its linked to my bank which has 0
bigboi7031: use a credit card?
AffroMan 10: [censored] no
bigboi7031: then
bigboi7031: i can't wait few days, casue it will be 100% sold, plus credit card is a much safer way
bigboi7031: because
bigboi7031: if u ever scammed, and paypal doesn't cover u
bigboi7031: u dispute with ur CC company
bigboi7031: so
AffroMan 10: and credit cards do?
bigboi7031: ya
bigboi7031: ur CC company
bigboi7031: always takes ur side
bigboi7031: no matter what
bigboi7031: tey aren;t like paypal
AffroMan 10: ok so how would i do credit card?
bigboi7031: u go to paypal
bigboi7031: login
bigboi7031: profile
bigboi7031: credit card
bigboi7031: add ur CC?
AffroMan 10: oh right
AffroMan 10: i understand
AffroMan 10: ok so if this is going to be sold in the next couple of days where is it listed?
bigboi7031: its not listed any where, i am gonne posted on markee
bigboi7031: lol
bigboi7031: and it will be 100% sold in a few days
AffroMan 10: ok well i think i will take that chance
AffroMan 10: let me know what your login is and a link to the account when u do
bigboi7031: ?
bigboi7031: wat?
bigboi7031: login to wat
bigboi7031: i am first gonne look around ppl who wtb preiests
AffroMan 10: sorry *username
bigboi7031: if i can't get any then i will post or ebay it
bigboi7031: so ur not gonne buy it?
bigboi7031: i mean if u won't be able to buy instantly, u shudn;t post , or atleast give a heads up that u need a day or 2 before paying.
bigboi7031: well
AffroMan 10: so lemme get this straight, u've never sold an account before and you are all ready and set to go for the price i said on this account?
bigboi7031: ya? whats wronge with that'
bigboi7031: 200 usd is fine for me
bigboi7031: does the job for me/.
bigboi7031: i dont see anything wronge with that
AffroMan 10: u seem extremely eager to sell this
bigboi7031: ah yes i do
bigboi7031: who wouldn;t?
bigboi7031: tell me , who wouldn;t be eager lol
bigboi7031: sry aim crashed
AffroMan 10: well as of right now im not interested
AffroMan 10: if you'd like to put it up on markee be my guest
bigboi7031: kk, then why did u have a post up lol
AffroMan 10: dont worry about my post, u can disregard it then
bigboi7031: weird..
bigboi7031: thanks for ur time
AffroMan 10: ya let me know if u list on markee....ur services sound extremely like a scam...id try to re-think your approach if i were u
bigboi7031: how does it sound like a scam
bigboi7031: i showed u , i had 22 rep on ebay
AffroMan 10: can u log into the character right now?
bigboi7031: no i dun have any time, but i think my ebay rep proves enuf i am not a scammer, if u don't want to deal, just say you don't know, don't extend the conversation for no reason.
AffroMan 10: well im going to report you on the boards
AffroMan 10: thanks
AffroMan 10: unless u can log into the toon, i wont
AffroMan 10: heh, good try scammer
AffroMan 10: cant say anything can u?
bigboi7031: i don't need to
bigboi7031: i showed u my ebay rep
bigboi7031: and u call me a scammer?
bigboi7031: [censored]
AffroMan 10: and yet u wont log into your chara
bigboi7031: it has no time, thast why i can't login?
AffroMan 10: sounds pretty fishy huh
AffroMan 10: and u have time to talk ot me?
AffroMan 10: ur not a very good scammer
AffroMan 10: cya man
AffroMan 10: later
AffroMan 10: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads...true#Post118915
AffroMan 10: ROFL
AffroMan 10: wow u r one terrible scammer