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Selling Big Whale 25x UR Account - All Ltd UR - 200m Mana - All furniture - 100+ rolls

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Me again with yet another whale account for sale. Most of my friends quit so there's not much going on for me in this game anymore.
Check my previous listings and buy with confidence from a dumb whale that whales on every game he touches.

Up for grabs here is an account with all dolls except 2. Missing Anemone (exclusive to standard banner) and Lilia (will be redistributed soon as per CN server). Otherwise has every single other doll.
Key features:
1) All R/SR are max evolve
2) Has all SSR / UR (except Anemone). All SSR have at least 1 evolution.
3) Has kept up with PVP since launch, including purchasing Yui on the first rotation
4) 200M Mana stored along with tons and tons of the different resources and materials you'll need.
5) 8 advanced runestones and 3rd stat rolls on most equipment being used.
6) All furniture owned
7) Equipment has been heavily farmed.
8) Has 2x Periodic supply accessories, 2x Complexity armor, God roll (300 flat / 10% atk) Healer Orderly weapon, and an orderly bow
9) 2 or more of every frenzy weapon and full sets of every legendary sets.
10) Over 100 rolls saved
11) I've also collected and stored many permanent mail for the stamina / souls in the future.
12) All monthly packs and hype packs still available.
13) All events fully completed
14) All maps have speed kills recorded as auto
15) All 4 broken lands can be solod by 1 doll every single week (been doing it since second week of launch).
16) Owner of a rank 6/7 guild.
17) Has Ella's black dress skin + Celanya's limited Christmas skin
18) Over 2000 friendship points so you don't even have to use friend dolls for a while.

Probably the best account on the market currently. Feel free to send an offer.
Payment via Paypal or Google Play Gift Card. Middleman at your expense.
Discord available for serious buyers. Account is bound to a throwaway gmail which you will get as part of the purchase. I'm the original owner / creator of the account.


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