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This account has everything that you will need from an account.

Lets start with Hero Skins as those are most soughted after in this game. All Heroes are golden!!!

Demon Hunter Wins 611, Skins: Initiate Kurtrus, Adept Kurtrus, Trainer Kurtrus, Aranna Starseeker, Fel Ravaged Illidan
Druid Wins 679, Skins: Cenarion Malfurion, Dame Hazelbark, Druid of the Flame, Hamuul Runetotem, Lunara
Hunter Wins 1042, Skins: Alleria Windrunner, Sylvanas Windrunner, Wanderer Rexxar, Flamewalker Rexxar, Firefang Rexxar
Mage Wins 1226, Skins: Apprentice Jaina, Archmage Jaina, Kul Tiran Jaina, Kelthuzad, Khadgar, Fire Mage Jaina, Medivh
Paladin Wins 834, Skins: Guan Yu Uther, Horseman Uther, Liadrin, Arthas, Righteous Inferno, Sir-Annoy-O
Priest Wins 905, Skins: Lightweaver Xyrella, Shardseeker Xyrella, Survivor Xyrella, Si:7 Anduin, Tyrance, Zhuge Liang Anduin
Rogue Wins 628, Skins: Deathmantle Valeera, Diao Chan Valeera, Gladiator Valeera, Maiev, Nightslayer Valeera
Shaman Wins 727, Skins: Alterac Thrall, Morgl, Ragnaros, Thunder King, Son of Durotan, Wolfrider Thrall
Warlock Wins 686, Skins: Nemsy, Nzoth
Warriro Wins 868, Skins: Annhylde, Magni, Lu Bu Garrosh, Recruit Rokara, Rokara of the Horde, Young Rokara

Card Backs: 148 Different Card backs which is insane amount including Legend, Overwatch Deluxe Edition, Battle for Azeorth, Many Preorder cardbacks. All seasonal cardbacks and more!

Coins: All Currently Available Coins unlocked.

All current standard sets 100% completed. Also got atleast all commons and rares from wild sets. All diamond cards unlocked. Many golden cards. close to 400 legend cards or so.

Only serious offers.