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BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
Beware of a guy who uses SN xCopperSlashx ! Not a scammer yet just be aware if your going to trade with him! Here is the convo!

xCopperSlashx: hey
Triumph1337z: Hello
xCopperSlashx: you haev hunter for trade
Triumph1337z: yes i do.
xCopperSlashx: does it have time?
Triumph1337z: what do you have?
Triumph1337z: yes
xCopperSlashx: yeahj
xCopperSlashx: i have a 60 rogue
xCopperSlashx: full blue set
Triumph1337z: nice
xCopperSlashx: epic mount
xCopperSlashx: and 1 piece of nightslayer
Triumph1337z: im very interested in a rogue
Triumph1337z: that your only epic?
xCopperSlashx: krol balde
Triumph1337z: i have 2 but i am want rogue
xCopperSlashx: has heartseeker
Triumph1337z: i also have krol blade
xCopperSlashx: do you have secret answer?
Triumph1337z: and assasination blade
xCopperSlashx: because i dont have mine.
Triumph1337z: nope i traded for this hunter about 3 1/2 months ago
xCopperSlashx: cool
xCopperSlashx: so you want to trade?
Triumph1337z: sure does your rogue have time?
xCopperSlashx: yes
xCopperSlashx: 1 month left
Triumph1337z: ok cool
Triumph1337z: are you up for it?
xCopperSlashx: sure
xCopperSlashx: well, do you mind giving me information for account first. Here at IGE we like to verify account credentials first then swap for ours.
Triumph1337z: can we use noobian?
xCopperSlashx: we need to?
xCopperSlashx: lol
xCopperSlashx: im an honest trader
Triumph1337z: yeah i do kinda mind thats why IGE should know noobian
xCopperSlashx: i know who he is
xCopperSlashx: lol
Triumph1337z: well i only trade with Middleman so i will AIM him ok
xCopperSlashx: sure
Triumph1337z: ok 1 moment
xCopperSlashx: sure
Triumph1337z: im talking to him now
xCopperSlashx: k
xCopperSlashx: does your account have epic mount?
Triumph1337z: yep
xCopperSlashx: ok
Triumph1337z: ok AIM Noobian14
Triumph1337z: did u AIM him?
xCopperSlashx: hold up
Triumph1337z: k?
xCopperSlashx: I have to find pass for account :S
Triumph1337z: are u kidding?
xCopperSlashx: no lol
xCopperSlashx: i have many accnt
Triumph1337z: k.
xCopperSlashx: tell noobian ill msg him later with username//pass
Triumph1337z: rofl so i guess no trade then
Triumph1337z: how long will this take u?
xCopperSlashx: lemme find account credentials lol then ill msg you
xCopperSlashx: that cool?
Triumph1337z: how long?
xCopperSlashx: lol
xCopperSlashx: dunno
Triumph1337z: lol i dont know seems a little wierd
xCopperSlashx: yeah
xCopperSlashx: when you have too many accounts like i do.
xCopperSlashx: you start going crazy..
xCopperSlashx: i have like a book
xCopperSlashx: all the stuff written down on it
Triumph1337z: y do u have so many accnts scammer?
xCopperSlashx: nope
xCopperSlashx: IGE gives to me
xCopperSlashx: then i trade
xCopperSlashx: for better accnt
xCopperSlashx: like what they tell me to trade for
Triumph1337z: i see