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[11:05] wttwowftw006: yoa
[11:05] wttwowftw006: Got that rrogue still?
[11:05] wttwowftw006: err
[11:05] wttwowftw006: mage
[11:05] craters88: yes
[11:05] wttwowftw006: ok lf a hunter myb?
[11:05] craters88: no
[11:05] wttwowftw006: rogue?
[11:05] craters88: yes
[11:05] wttwowftw006:

[11:06] craters88: yes
[11:06] craters88: is this your orgi character
[11:06] craters88: orig*
[11:06] wttwowftw006: no but i got CD key and SQ/A
[11:06] craters88: is it a safe account?
[11:07] wttwowftw006: yes sir.
[11:07] craters88: PVE or PVP?
[11:07] wttwowftw006: I have veriefied both CD key and SQ/A.
[11:07] wttwowftw006: PvP
[11:07] craters88: ok
[11:07] wttwowftw006: xferble.
[11:07] craters88: I have learned you trade accounts contantly correct?
[11:07] craters88: constantly*
[11:07] craters88: no need to li ei rlly dont care
[11:07] craters88: lie i rlly*
[11:07] wttwowftw006: Ventrilo ? , I cant get on WoW atm though BUT i can let u on it.
[11:07] wttwowftw006: ya i treade a lot.
[11:08] craters88: cool
[11:08] craters88: Ok
[11:08] craters88: let me on it?
[11:08] craters88: i wont use gold or items\
[11:08] craters88: or potions
[11:08] wttwowftw006: sure but is it ok if i go WoW forums with ur account for safety percaussions.
[11:08] craters88: umm sure
[11:08] wttwowftw006: okie dokie
[11:09] wttwowftw006: my username: secret
[11:09] craters88: ok mine is secret
[11:10] craters88: your pass?
[11:10] wttwowftw006: On 3 please?
[11:10] wttwowftw006: whn ready.
[11:10] craters88: Uhh ok
[11:10] craters88: rdy
[11:10] wttwowftw006: 1...
[11:10] wttwowftw006: 2...
[11:10] wttwowftw006: 3...
[11:10] craters88: secret
[11:10] wttwowftw006: secret
[11:11] craters88: wait
[11:11] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on