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Beware when trading with Mcwarcraft


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beware when trading with this guy he might pull one of this on you, not really a SCAM but he could of done it.

me and him traded acc, my lock for his warrior. so his warrior got scammed and gear de so missing lots of [censored] so i farmed 2 whole day on it made around 200+g and got his fr [censored] back up to proper lv AND repair money(started with about 4g,) so today i get a aim from him saying he wants to get the warrior back and sell it because he had legal issue, we never agree anything on trade backs so i said no, but i said we can try to work out a alternative to as somthing els rather than recalling the warrior(i liked it very much). then magically 1 hour later or so into the convo my account gets recalled so i chat with him. he said he didnt do [censored](i talk to the guy in the game about now he said he traded a pally for this char i was like [censored]? i traded a lock for it 2 days ago) then i check some thread he posted, 2 which was last post by him today saying he wants to trade/sell the lock for a warrior/pally, and want to trade the warrior for a xbox360. after a while i log back into the game to talk to the guy again this is the msg i get from him.
(yes i got him kicked from a trial raid with a guild I app to not him)
so he traded me a warrior just to let me "try" it and the decide to recall and give me some bulshit reason, even tho i did recive the warlock back with no harm done i dont suggest trading with this person