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BEWARE: Tottialamosa (AIM)


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Tottialamosa: hey
Tottialamosa: i have a sham for trade
Misk3en: cool
Misk3en: race/server/gear?
Tottialamosa: troll burning legion
Tottialamosa: xferable
Tottialamosa: 4 tier 2
Tottialamosa: full tier 1
Tottialamosa: herald of woe
Tottialamosa: zg chest
Tottialamosa: etc
Tottialamosa: av exaulted
Tottialamosa: interested?
Misk3en: indeed
Misk3en: can I see him?
Tottialamosa: yeh u wanna log on him?
Tottialamosa: do an ab?
Tottialamosa: hes elemental spec
Misk3en: ok
Tottialamosa: ok
Tottialamosa: can i log on the war while ur on the shammy?
Tottialamosa: i wanna do an ab
Misk3en: I rather
Misk3en: just show
Misk3en: the characters
Tottialamosa: why dont u just wanna hop on and do a bg?
Misk3en: Because I don't want to give someone my info
Misk3en: without
Misk3en: even seeing the character
Tottialamosa: well u will see him wen u log on him
Misk3en: Well, if you are willing to let me log first, then ok
Tottialamosa: how will i know u wont scam me
Misk3en: [email protected]!
Misk3en: why not just show me the character
Misk3en: I'll be happy to show you the warrior
Tottialamosa: well if we fo same time then i wont worry about it
Tottialamosa: that [censored] takes too long
Misk3en: Ok then
Misk3en: nevermind
Tottialamosa: ok pce
Misk3en: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads...true#Post142806
Misk3en: Nice
Tottialamosa: lolol
Tottialamosa: i stole 5 last night
Tottialamosa: i just didnt want to waste my time with his [censored] green acc
Tottialamosa: lololol
Tottialamosa: hahaha
Tottialamosa: thats the third sn thats been screwed
Tottialamosa: ill just make another :)