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Beware of these 2 new scammers


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impartialnuetral and tigertigertigers. Those are their AIM names. If they happen to message you, they are scammers and stole my 60 Druid from me in promise of a 60 Orc Shaman on Bloodscalp.

impartialnuetral: I have his info, you were looking for the 60 orc right?
PuNkOoMpALuMpA: Yea
impartialnuetral: Shaman?
PuNkOoMpALuMpA: Yea*
impartialnuetral: I had to activate it with my credit card
PuNkOoMpALuMpA: He can't show me in-game so can you? I'll be able to show you my Druid
impartialnuetral: I'm just supposed to be MM, against policy to touch the accounts otherwise.
PuNkOoMpALuMpA: Alright
impartialnuetral: He checks out
PuNkOoMpALuMpA: my username: saplan25
impartialnuetral: and pass?
PuNkOoMpALuMpA: Are you going to give me his info?
impartialnuetral: his username is Nisoas
PuNkOoMpALuMpA: ok my pass is: *******
PuNkOoMpALuMpA: His pass?
impartialnuetral: pass: newuser12
PuNkOoMpALuMpA: Doesn't work
impartialnuetral signed off at 8:07:34 PM.