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Beware of quittinglol

Dispute Type
Scam Accusation


Well-known member
Multiple Accounts
Dispute Against
Purchase Date: 11/16
Date the problem began: 11/16
Method of Contact Used (chat program): Discord
Instant Messenger username of the person you're accusing: チャオ#6969 discord id: 272612643125067776
Your Instant Messenger ID: Revo#8410 discord id: 667850667058003991

Other information:

DISPUTE Information
Link of transaction thread (URL, Epicnpc thread): N/A
Approximate value of property: $170.00(+5 for tax) USD
Was Trade Guardian used? N/A
If yes, what is the Trade Guardian ID? N/A

What is the dispute about?

Beware of Quittinglol.

Hes a what you call a ‘undercover scammer’ he acts and buys legit but scam if you dont confirm who youre on epicnpc and deal over discord.

So basically, He added me under チャオ#6969 (his main discord), claims he was quitting and willing to sell his fashion for his Noah, He scammed me out of 170, he changed IGN on the account he traded many other accounts i have the thing recorded which i will provide to admins in private.

Our convo mostly deleted by him, https://imgur.com/a/aecBi5H
His discord id: 272612643125067776
Look him up on discord lookup:
Proper evidence that this is his discord from a another member who decided to jump in:

To explain above, this is what @Timoteee was selling ED to this person i reached out to him link 1 is Quittinglol messaging timoteee on discord, 2, is confirming who he is.

More proof added by above, first he didnt want his name out thats why its edted out but now hes willing to help:
Me and timoteee talking, about the scam after reaching out. Showing actual proof who he is on discord.


https://media.[Social group links n...71515112800296/911047794192695356/unknown.png
Quttinglols paypal in 2nd image.

Same date, discord and id.

SCAM VIDEO of him scamming me ingame:
Only staff can view this content.

Paypal email: he deleted the whole discord convo but you can legit ask paypal his email i will not be giving this out in public and will only show to the admins his paypal email.

Hes been blacklisted by the elsword community under a different char name ‘Chaotically’

his paypal username is:
Only staff can view this content.

Other evidence he dealt with another epic member:

Other evidence thats been overshadowed, some scam assumptions that can link to this dispute.
Only staff can view this content.

Things to keep note, before coming to conclusion about this dispute you can change your email but not your legal name (unless you have legal documents which you cant change instantly), so tl;dr hes a scammer, the above posts that epicnpc keep ignoring why does he keep having scam accusations its simple, hes good at lying and he can manipulate the situation.

Also the fact he gets defensive after getting called out is somewhat of a redflag, most sellers in this case dont overreact when getting called out as a scammer, so beware.

Other details / notes:

You MUST provide proof or your claim will not be valid!

Chat Log Screenshots (make sure username is visible, not display username):
Payment Screenshots (make sure the accused email is visible):
Other proof: done above.

Account Recalls
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Did the seller say he's the original owner? (provide proof)
What account information did the seller provide you at the time of sale? (ID, SQA, etc)
How long did you have the account before it was recalled?
If you have a support ticket about this recall, please post screenshots of it.
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Banned - Scammer - https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/scammed-by-quittinglol.2161300/#post-8173932
Bud, what are you typing, those aren't even my IGNs in the game, I buy and sell accounts. And you don't know my discord because I never done a deal with you. did you get scammed by a impersonator or what because I don't see you talking to me about anything. Did you even ask the guy what his epicnpc or to confirm on site, if you would've done all that why not just talk on site. it's easy to impersonate and lie on discord. Stop acting like you know me you could've even reached out to me but you never did so I don't get what you're reporting me for. And why would I sell a in game cosmetic for a character I never even played. LOL
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Banned - Scammer - https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/beware-of-quittinglol.2108551/#post-8037372
It was me niqqa wyd
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