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Beware of meowgo3s7h3c4t


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LOL this kid tried scamming me I have been scammed 8 times and everything I have learned from my mistakes it just goes to show you that experience helps while trading heres the convo

0:23] meowgo3s7h3c4t: im interested in your 60 ne druid
[20:24] magicmasterwow: ok
[20:24] magicmasterwow: Its not my druid by the way
[20:24] magicmasterwow: my friends
[20:24] meowgo3s7h3c4t: i have a 60 tauren warrior
[20:24] magicmasterwow: server and gear?
[20:24] meowgo3s7h3c4t: epic
[20:24] meowgo3s7h3c4t: and Illidan
[20:24] meowgo3s7h3c4t: http://thottbot.com/?profile=Aries.Illidan
[20:25] meowgo3s7h3c4t: in a bwl guild
[20:25] magicmasterwow: do you have a name on markee?
[20:25] meowgo3s7h3c4t: not atm
[20:25] meowgo3s7h3c4t: i could make one
[20:25] magicmasterwow: can you show in game?
[20:26] meowgo3s7h3c4t: he currently does not have any time on him, id be glad to give you Account for worldofwarcraft.com
[20:26] meowgo3s7h3c4t: so you could check on the forums page
[20:26] magicmasterwow: if it has no time you can't check forums
[20:26] meowgo3s7h3c4t: ahh, i had no idea, i have not been on this account for over 2 months
[20:27] meowgo3s7h3c4t: and all my friends have re-rolled on Shadow Moon server
[20:27] magicmasterwow: what are their names?
[20:27] meowgo3s7h3c4t: do you have any screen shots ?
[20:27] meowgo3s7h3c4t: i have no idea lol
[20:27] meowgo3s7h3c4t: any screen shots?
[20:28] magicmasterwow: no I could take some
[20:28] magicmasterwow: but
[20:28] magicmasterwow: not in the mood to get scammed
[20:28] meowgo3s7h3c4t: ?
[20:28] magicmasterwow: considering the profile was updated 1.2 days ago
[20:28] magicmasterwow: and you said you had been on in 2 months
[20:28] meowgo3s7h3c4t: ...yes i have updated it....
[20:29] magicmasterwow: so your a leader of a BWL guild
[20:29] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on
[20:29] magicmasterwow: and you are quiting
[20:29] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on