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BEWARE OF InvictusManeoGrg


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Becareful he wanted me to "honor level" his character and he asked me if I wanted to see screenshots of his guy and I said sure then he tried sending me a .exe file which would of most likely have been a virus like a keylogger to steal your account so people please becareful with what files you accept over aim.
InvictusManeoGrg: hi wanty to honor level my insane warrior?
M4GICM4ST3R914: sure
InvictusManeoGrg: heres a screenshot of him if u want'
*** InvictusManeoGrg is trying to send you "warriorscreenshts.exe".
M4GICM4ST3R914: nice try
M4GICM4ST3R914: im not stupid
InvictusManeoGrg: ??
*** InvictusManeoGrg wants to directly connect.
M4GICM4ST3R914: im not gunna except a so called screenshot that is a .exe file
*** InvictusManeoGrg wants to directly connect.
InvictusManeoGrg: jpg
M4GICM4ST3R914: *** InvictusManeoGrg is trying to send you "warriorscreenshts.exe".
M4GICM4ST3R914: .exe
InvictusManeoGrg: i send u jpg thru direct connect
*** InvictusManeoGrg wants to directly connect.
M4GICM4ST3R914: just give me info to teh account
InvictusManeoGrg: no ur a scammer
M4GICM4ST3R914: lol
M4GICM4ST3R914: you used me before
InvictusManeoGrg: u never even went on it
InvictusManeoGrg: wasnt even my acct
M4GICM4ST3R914: I know I have been busy
M4GICM4ST3R914: so why did you call me a scammer tryign to send me a virus
M4GICM4ST3R914: well I am sorry but I am gunna have to warn people about what just happened unless you give an explantation
InvictusManeoGrg: lol..dude
InvictusManeoGrg: why do u assume its a virus because its a .exe
InvictusManeoGrg: its a screenshot file
InvictusManeoGrg: haas like 5 jpgs
InvictusManeoGrg: i can send them individually to u if u want
M4GICM4ST3R914: why dont toy just give me account info
M4GICM4ST3R914: I cannot get a virus on my computer
M4GICM4ST3R914: or else I will get every account on my computer taken
InvictusManeoGrg: because my warrior is rank 14 lol..
M4GICM4ST3R914: whats that have to do with anything?
InvictusManeoGrg: why would i want u to honor level a rank 14 warrior
M4GICM4ST3R914: Why would you ask me to honor level a rank 14 warrior?
M4GICM4ST3R914: exactly
InvictusManeoGrg: it was a joke dumbass
InvictusManeoGrg: exactly.
M4GICM4ST3R914: ok so whats your account that you want me to honor level?
M4GICM4ST3R914: ?
M4GICM4ST3R914: ok
M4GICM4ST3R914: well this sounds to fishy <font color="red"> </font> <font color="red"> </font> <font color="red"> </font> <font color="red"> </font>


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Almost traded with that guy... I gave him the wrong account and he gave it back no problem.. seemed like a nice guy but afterwards I declined the trade.


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Yeh, he got me with that .exe thing, god damn regretting it aswell, he was making [censored] pop up on my screen and [censored], freaky.

I think he is out of my computer now ... i think.

Also, another person tried the same thing to me, might be the same guy, i dunno.

aim name = Nxomin or something really close to that.