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beware aim - Meishas Pimp


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mm with ant1hope and meishaspimp

Ohsandyman MD: hey
Meishas pimp: is this middle man?
Ohsandyman MD: yessir
Meishas pimp: ok great
Meishas pimp: so what do i do
Meishas pimp: im new too this
Ohsandyman MD: mk
Ohsandyman MD: well ima have you both send me infos
Ohsandyman MD: then give it to eachother
Ohsandyman MD: and then if you trade sqa its the same thing
Meishas pimp: ok
Meishas pimp: ask him if we are trading sqa
Ohsandyman MD: he said yes
Ohsandyman MD: so
Meishas pimp: which first?
Ohsandyman MD: account//password//sqa
Meishas pimp: [Account sensative material removed for account owners safety. By: MarV]
Meishas pimp: what i do now?
Ohsandyman MD: 60 druid on mugthal right?
Ohsandyman MD: is what your recieving
Ohsandyman MD: thats all thats on that account.
Meishas pimp: yes
Ohsandyman MD: k checking yours
Meishas pimp signed off at 11:33:38 AM.

ant1hope: hello!
Ohsandyman MD: ?
ant1hope: im kinda trying to make a trade, but we both agreed we need a MM, and you have exceleent rep on the forums
Ohsandyman MD: well thank you
Ohsandyman MD: whats the other guys aim?
ant1hope: meishas pimp
Ohsandyman MD: can any u guys leave rep on markee?
ant1hope: im new to the forum, are there requirements before i can leave you rep?
Ohsandyman MD: 1month
ant1hope: o
Ohsandyman MD: k
Ohsandyman MD: hes sending info
Ohsandyman MD: send yours
Ohsandyman MD: are you guys trading sqa?
(all his info worked)


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hah wow yea i just learned from first hand

cryptfi3nd was my fake middle man

and i was supposivly trading w/ Meishas Pimp

luckily i retrieved
but wow i got scared for a second
both of you
go [censored]