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bethiee23 - beware


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Anyways, i saw this auction one ebay and had some interest in it. You can see that there were some previous arguments.

I sent him/her an email after some guys canceled his bids:


"I'm interested in your account. I'll go ahead and offer $650. I'm papal verified and capable of paying both ways, fund and credit. I prefer to pay by credit because it doesn't need waiting. However, if you want fund, i can do that. But it ussually takes 3-4 days to tranfer fund into paypal. Give me your AIM. We'll go from there."

Bethiee23( 1)>>Me

"Ok I am so sick of all these people playing games with me. I have had 4 people say they will buy it and have me unlist it etc. I'm really tierd of it. If you send 650.00 to [email protected] paypal you will get info within 5 hours of payment. Please email me when you send and leave me a email address to send the info too. Please buy it I am so sick of all these games people are playing. 650.00 is a steal for this account but I really need the money in rl and im sick of waiting. Thanks hope to see your payment soon."


"Give me a [censored] break. Expect people to send money to someone w/o having his/her infos can only be one kind, SCAMMER. By the way, i have seen this [censored] all over the net. Pretends to be impatience and [censored] i.e. -I am so tire of this- or -I'll sell it to someone else.- Every [censored] scammers use one of those lines. Be more creative. Bottom line, you know why people don't buy your [censored]? Because it's fake."

I thought this is a good example of scammers' additude that spark the big red flag.
One of the general tactic, pretending to be impatience and like having things done quick or threats to sell it to others so people drop their guards. Scammers don't like prolonged deals. /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif