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Guy wouldnt trade unless we used his specific middle man, that doesnt come up in a fourm search or I've never seen around, wouldnt even use a Trust Who memeber thats also a fourm moderator

beeftothecake626: hey
LinkinParkFan549: hi
beeftothecake626: you still trading
LinkinParkFan549: yes
beeftothecake626: you origional owner
LinkinParkFan549: yes
beeftothecake626: okay
LinkinParkFan549: what u got
beeftothecake626: i got a 60 epic preist
beeftothecake626: what u got?
LinkinParkFan549: ...
beeftothecake626: im really looking for warrior
beeftothecake626: is that wut u have/
beeftothecake626: i forgot
LinkinParkFan549: you just messaged me...
beeftothecake626: o yeah, i just added you to list
LinkinParkFan549: a warrior
beeftothecake626: k
beeftothecake626: what server?
LinkinParkFan549: bleeding hollow, read the post..
beeftothecake626: i did just now
beeftothecake626: intrested in a epic dwarf preist?
LinkinParkFan549: server?
beeftothecake626: firetree
LinkinParkFan549: gear?
beeftothecake626: has zulian tiger mount from zg, benedictino, some prophecy, has tier 2 gloves
LinkinParkFan549: guilds raiding times?
beeftothecake626: server time around 6-8
LinkinParkFan549: daily?
beeftothecake626: yes
LinkinParkFan549: what instances they do and bosses?
beeftothecake626: clear bwl to chromag
beeftothecake626: doing nef sunday
LinkinParkFan549: id be intrested
beeftothecake626: k cool
LinkinParkFan549: how we wana do this?
LinkinParkFan549: middle man?
LinkinParkFan549: ?
LinkinParkFan549: hello?
beeftothecake626: hold up
LinkinParkFan549: ?
LinkinParkFan549: guess u dont wana
beeftothecake626: i have a bunch of other deals
beeftothecake626: im talkin to like 8 people
beeftothecake626: lol
LinkinParkFan549: pick me :)
beeftothecake626: u got sqa?
LinkinParkFan549: yea
beeftothecake626: its not about recalling i just want to be in communication with the origional owner
LinkinParkFan549: yea, thats mew
LinkinParkFan549: me
beeftothecake626: wanna use MM?
LinkinParkFan549: yea
beeftothecake626: i know someone that will do it for us
LinkinParkFan549: Stev is on
LinkinParkFan549: hes trust who verified and has like 20+ pos feedback
LinkinParkFan549: who did u have in mind
beeftothecake626: jurai, his aim is maaswhole77, hes got 23 pos
beeftothecake626: he is usually the mm
beeftothecake626: i just talked to him he will do it
LinkinParkFan549: you think we could use Stev? hes trust who'd so hes called the owner of the site, faxed his personal info and everything
beeftothecake626: i like maas because i used him 2 times before
beeftothecake626: and hes extremely good guy
LinkinParkFan549: stev is a moderator on the fourms too
beeftothecake626: not that i dont trust him, i just have used jurai a few times
beeftothecake626: hes a good guy
LinkinParkFan549: same
beeftothecake626: so jurai or i really dont wanna do it
beeftothecake626: i have had MM that scam both accounts before
beeftothecake626: its not a good situation
LinkinParkFan549: iv never heard of jurai and i've been around since last september
beeftothecake626: take it or not dude idc, im perfectly fine with my char
LinkinParkFan549: so in other words, use your middleman someones never heard of and isent verified?
beeftothecake626: you have never heard of him
LinkinParkFan549: no
beeftothecake626: exactly
beeftothecake626: thats not everyone
beeftothecake626: thats you
LinkinParkFan549: i look at the fourms everyday
LinkinParkFan549: since last september
beeftothecake626: so take the offer or go away i dont care
LinkinParkFan549: you messaged me, and ill be making a thread about it aswell
beeftothecake626: Go ahead, jurai is mm
LinkinParkFan549: he doesnt even come up in a search