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SOLD BDO 607gs account with many pearl stuff

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Hi ho hello!

I'm selling my bdo account
I have many char on 61lv
Acc gs 607 279/282/317 Vell hearth

Buffs in inventory
Value Pack 90d x1 7d x2 so 104d
Kama Bless 20d x2 15d x1 7d x15 so 160d
Bless of the Moon 20d x2 15d x3 7dx 4 so 113d

Drop scroll 1h blue x749
530% exp and sp scroll x65
Blessed scroll x213
300% exp and sp scroll x 63

Many fs scrolls

33x Maid 19x storage 14x central market

4x t4
3x t3
9x t1

Horse 5x t8

About char on account, there is:
Nova Life skill char 50lv full pearl weight
Sage 2k sp full pearl weight camuflage pearl set
Shai another life skill char 1.1k sp alchemy and processing outfits from IS
Lahn last season char 1.7k sp nothing else
Corsair semi life semi pve 1,4k sp full pearl weight
Sorc 1,7k sp pearl outfit and underwear
Witch 1,35k sp pearl outfit main char
Dark Knight Winter season char mostly for fashion show not for gameplay xD 4x pearl outfits

In account is many is stuff like furniture, main, awk and sub exchange coupon etc
Silver in central market 1,3kkk

Let me know if u are interest via discord with your offer Alcik#3292


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