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Markee names are decimus00 and mikalov00

thradofwar: hiya
AzumiLoD: hey
AzumiLoD: sry i cancaled the call cuz i went out for dinner
AzumiLoD: just got back
thradofwar: its ok
AzumiLoD: so where we at?
AzumiLoD: whats ur phone again
thradofwar: (561)699-3814
thradofwar: can i just check out the WoW account?
AzumiLoD: i can let u check it once u confirmed your email
thradofwar: no thx man u have ful control of my account when i do that
AzumiLoD: u can still recall for it back
thradofwar: not once i change it to ur email
AzumiLoD: oh
AzumiLoD: alright
thradofwar: you can still recall i just wanna see that u actually have what u say
AzumiLoD: do u have another wow account?
AzumiLoD: i can login and personally show u my char
thradofwar: not active
AzumiLoD: o
AzumiLoD: is there a better way we can do this because i cant afford to get my wow scammed.
thradofwar: well if u ahve secret answer then i cant scam u
AzumiLoD: oh so im not giving u my sq/a?
thradofwar: you are after we exchange accounts fully
AzumiLoD: im willing to change everything and give u my sq/a after u confirm your email :/
thradofwar: bro i aint gonna scam you
AzumiLoD: do you have rep on markee?
thradofwar: yes
thradofwar: 2 positive
thradofwar: wats ur markee name?
thradofwar: mine is mavlikan
AzumiLoD: minse Decimus00
AzumiLoD: i have 3 positive :/
AzumiLoD: im willing to seriously change to everything urs after u confirm your email.
AzumiLoD: i just want it to go smoothly
thradofwar: u also have a negative and a nuetral
AzumiLoD: that was because i was scammed once for my steam account
thradofwar: well bro once u change email u can still have ur account till u tell me the password
thradofwar: i have no negative
thradofwar: as soon as i get everything wokring ill click confirm
AzumiLoD: i just want it nice and simple you confirm and i start my call and u get my wow.
AzumiLoD: i have your number alrdy im serious (561)699-3814
thradofwar: call takes awhile
thradofwar: whats my email??
AzumiLoD: [email protected]
AzumiLoD: (561)699-3814
AzumiLoD: ive been in markee for a long time and only intend to do more trades in the future
AzumiLoD: im serious about this deal.
AzumiLoD: my wows got 2.5month time
AzumiLoD: warlock on terenas
AzumiLoD: full epics only 1-2 blues
AzumiLoD: u there?
thradofwar: yup
AzumiLoD: are we trading? im just waiting for your confirm
thradofwar: Here is a list of screenames of the same scammer.


ILL KEEP UPDATING THE LIST, I KNOW HIM IN REAL LIFE. More screenames will be added to this list.
AzumiLoD: then i guess we're not dealing.
AzumiLoD: im not a scammer
thradofwar: im jsut not gonna confirm till we both hae the stuff we need
AzumiLoD: so u want to login my wow b4 u can confirm it? what if u take all my epics..
AzumiLoD: im saying i can show u in game if u can get a acct personally
thradofwar: i let u into my GW
AzumiLoD: i only have 1 comp
AzumiLoD: gw is different from wow
AzumiLoD: wow epics are so much harder and worth a lot more :/ im just giving it up cuz im not paying monthly anymore
thradofwar: dude as soon as u call and change email which takes while ill confirm it
thradofwar: why are u rmarkee accounts closed
AzumiLoD: i call and change email is the same thing. its alrdy urs
thradofwar: no i dont want u to be able to recall
AzumiLoD: exactly same to me
AzumiLoD: once u confirm we have a deal
AzumiLoD: i can only risk letting u login my char and look at my items
thradofwar: nvm then im not gonna confirm until i have ur account
AzumiLoD: same to me im not going to call until i have ur account. find somebody else then. :/
thradofwar: u dont undertsand the thing
thradofwar: u have negative rep
thradofwar: im all positive its aliittle different
AzumiLoD: i told u because i was scammed of my steam
thradofwar: so u get negatie rep when u get scammed?
AzumiLoD: and i didnt save the aim reply so it was useless
AzumiLoD: i caused a spammed at the scammers and it didnt help me at all
thradofwar: ooo
thradofwar: well
thradofwar: ill make a deal
AzumiLoD: so im not trading at all unless u can confirm first. get a friend to let u borrow an account to see my char
thradofwar: u change email and phone #(i cant do anything form there)
thradofwar: then i confirm email
thradofwar: and u give me pass and secret answer
AzumiLoD: confirm then i change everything i can only give u my secret answer b4 u confirm.
thradofwar: why not change email i cant do anything from thier
AzumiLoD: i change the email and phone u can recall it because its alrdy to ur email and phone
AzumiLoD: its the same..
thradofwar: i dont know the answer tho
AzumiLoD: u dont need the answer to recall my user/pass
thradofwar: rly?
AzumiLoD: u just need the answer to change it
AzumiLoD: and resetting it
thradofwar: oo i dind tknow that
AzumiLoD: ..
thradofwar: well the call takes foreever
AzumiLoD: thats why im willing to call them if u can confirm it
thradofwar: ok bro i give up fine ill confirm
thradofwar: u give me all info
AzumiLoD: yep
thradofwar: password account name and answer
thradofwar: and u call
thradofwar: ok its confirmed
AzumiLoD: yep
thradofwar: woops
thradofwar: resend email
AzumiLoD: .. ?
thradofwar: it says plz resend email
thradofwar: resend email change
thradofwar: i hit the wrong thing
thradofwar: i hit denie instead of accept
AzumiLoD: i dont rem ur user/pass
thradofwar: u just need to go to gw
AzumiLoD: oh
thradofwar: the pw is t.gxhkrgx
AzumiLoD: im going to lag while alt tabing
AzumiLoD: k
thradofwar: accoutn name is fsufan2993
thradofwar: @yahoo.com
AzumiLoD: i just resent it
thradofwar: ok confirmed
thradofwar: plz give me info and call
AzumiLoD: i think i need to confirm mine 2
thradofwar: ya u do
thradofwar: can i hav info
thradofwar: now
thradofwar: plz bro
thradofwar: ...
AzumiLoD: why are u lying to me u didnt confirm it
thradofwar: i did
thradofwar: dont pull this [censored] now
thradofwar: u scammer
AzumiLoD: oh my bad i didnt click the confirm new one
thradofwar: can i have the info plz
thradofwar: dude...
AzumiLoD: ok
AzumiLoD: what do u want
AzumiLoD: i confirmed it
AzumiLoD: its done
thradofwar: account name and pass
thradofwar: and secret answer
AzumiLoD: ok
thradofwar: then call and change email and phonw
AzumiLoD: wait up
thradofwar: comeon bro
AzumiLoD: **********
secret answer: *******
AzumiLoD: calling
AzumiLoD signed off at 8:48:00 PM.