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austinw009 watch out for this guy


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austinw009 on aim, just be wary of this guy. Anyone that asks me to let them TRY my account instantly is on my blacklist. A #$%^&* moron who has wasted my time and must think I'm stupid...

Anyone who asks to TRY out an account is a scammer in my eyes. I don't trust or know him so why would I have the stupidity to let him try.

He asks all about my account how much gold is on it, ect I even waste the time to show it to him in game then he says he has to TRY it before he buys it. Do you think I'm a moron? -my reply.
His was- oh well if your origional owner you can recall it from me if anything happens.

Oh sure so you can shard or sell all my items before I have time to do that?
Just be wary of this person. I've had one too many jerks contact me lately and he is the iceing on the cake today.