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As jackasses go, bucs906 is the *******-ist


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Quite the nice guy. He logged in an undead priest on Illidan named Nagasakia that he was trading me for my palladin on Bleeding Hollow. We exchanged login/p-word info and as soon as I logged into the account on WoW.com, much to my dismay, the account I logged into was frozen. Hmm, peculiar. So I immediately shoot him an IM saying "WTF." He responds saying, yeah, okay, so I'm going to log in the palladin and you log in the priest.... and logs off of AIM. Being that it was Saturday morning, I had to wait until Monday to recall the account. While the palladin was "transient," bucs906 was kind enough to delete everything from said palladin. All 8 pieces of the Lightforge set, two epic weapons, and a plethora of mining materials. Everything down to my hearthstone was gone. So bear in mind, put him on your A-list and if he ever attempts to deal with you, kindly tell him to kiss your arse! For what it's worth, if necessary, I will post the conversation.