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Hunter's Headdress - 13M
Bone Crusher - 450K
Ring of the Elements - 4M
Rune Beetle Carapace - 1.6M
Dread Pirate Hat (+10 Fencing) - 1M
Ornate Crown of the Harrower - 950K
Divine Countenance - 1.6M
Holy Knight's Breastplate - 900K
Darkened Sky - 850K
Sword of the Righteous - 9M
Dryad Bow - 3.25M
Serpent's Fang - 1.2M
Dread's Revenge - 850K
Hooded Robe of Umbra - 350K
Shield of Invulnerability - 200K
Soul Seeker - 150K
Boomstick - 250K
Heart of the Lion - 250K
Helm of Swiftness (Humans & Elves) - 250K
Aegis of Grace (Humans & Elves) - 250K
Scepter of the Chief - 750K
Brightsight Lenses - 125K
Jester Hat of Chuckles - 900K
Reading Glasses of the Arts - 1.6M
Clainin's Spellbook - 1.4M
Keeonean's Chain Mail - 900K
Minax's Armor - 900K
Birds of Britannia Library Talisman - 900K
Friends of the Library Reading Chair - 350K
Tombstone of the Damned - 750K
Shimmering Effusion, Fetid Essence, Corporeal Brume Statuettes - 550K each
Pendant of Magi - 850K
Essence of Battle - 350K
Resillient Bracer - 350K
Spell Woven Britches - 900K
Night Reaper - 750K
Silvani's Feywood Bow - 750K
Stitcher's Mittens - 1.4M
Scrapper's Compendium w/ +9 Magery - 1.9M
Scrapper's Compendium w/ +9 Eval & Mana Regen 1 - 2.5M
Scrapper's Compendium w/ 14% LRC - 5M
Scrapper's Compendium w/ 15% LRC - 6M
Scrapper's Compendium w/ +11 Med - 1.1M
Scrapper's Compendium Troll Slayer - 900K
Scrapper's Compendium Snake Slayer - 900K

--- All regular scrappers are 850K ---

Dull Copper Order Shield - SR5/Reflect 7%/HCI 12%/DCI 10%/FC1/Phys 7% - 1.5M

Magical Shortbow w/ 40% Hit Harm, 44% Hit Mana Leech, 46% Hit Lower Defense, 13% HCI, 30% SSI - MAKE OFFER

Dawn's Musicbox - 800K
Chaos Snowglobe - 300K
Undead Slayer Spellbook w/ 8% SDI - MAKE OFFER

I will accept gold & trades for the items above.

Thank you for reading! /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif