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arcticfrosht SCAMMER


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I love selective disinformation felt he was a scammer so lied about the SQ thing and ofcourse I was right.

arcticfrosht: hell i have a femal NE hunter 6/8 GS rhok delar 2x dawn's edge's on dethecus pvp server and im interested in trading for ur rogue.
arcticfrosht: hello*
Hyper Gotenks175: awsome
arcticfrosht: interested?
Hyper Gotenks175: yea
arcticfrosht: ok cool
arcticfrosht: what weps does ur rogue have?
Hyper Gotenks175: gutegore corehound tooth
arcticfrosht: whats the server must be pvp and is it a human gnome ect?
Hyper Gotenks175: undead
arcticfrosht: ahhh crap i hate UD
Hyper Gotenks175: wtf everyone loves UD
arcticfrosht: lol but i dont
Hyper Gotenks175: so u dont wanna trade?
arcticfrosht: well a rogue is a rogue
arcticfrosht: what was the server and it must be a male.
Hyper Gotenks175: yea its male
Hyper Gotenks175: Stormreaver
Hyper Gotenks175: is server
arcticfrosht: kk that server is pvp right
Hyper Gotenks175: yea
arcticfrosht: im not original owner of this account i bought it a few months ago so i dont have SQA but i wont req SQA from you if we trade.
Hyper Gotenks175: thats fine
Hyper Gotenks175: so we good to go wanna trade?
arcticfrosht: sure
arcticfrosht: just wondering you have SQA ?
Hyper Gotenks175: nope
arcticfrosht: well then thats better since we both dont
Hyper Gotenks175: yep
arcticfrosht: Aight how do you want to trade>
Hyper Gotenks175: --------//password123
Hyper Gotenks175: whats urs
arcticfrosht: omarbomar user name
arcticfrosht: 1 sec you shouldnt of eneterd pass i wass gonna do the countdown metthod
Hyper Gotenks175: I dont care lol
Hyper Gotenks175: u have my pass now whats urs
Hyper Gotenks175: I ussaly do it that way
Hyper Gotenks175: other ways take to long
Hyper Gotenks175: I always give mine out first
Hyper Gotenks175: so whats urs?
arcticfrosht: ok my password is password1
Hyper Gotenks175: doesnt work
arcticfrosht: weird let me see
Hyper Gotenks175: whats the username again?
arcticfrosht: omarbomar
Hyper Gotenks175: nope
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