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Selling AoC Voyager Pre-Order and Intrepid Pre-Order Pack $600+ worth for $450


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basic stuff, selling my AoC account because I lost interest.

38000 embers ($280~ worth)
12+ months worth of game time ($180~)
Access to all upcoming alphas/test phases
E-Mail can be changed via support (done it before)

Also the following account upgrades:
Woodland's Freighter (bundle) 1
Py'len's Greenery (bundle) 1
Intrepid Pre-Order Pack (Upgrade 3) 1
See here: https://de.ashesofcreation.wiki/Intrepid_pre-order_pack
Cloak of Eminence (bundle) 1
Watcher of the Woods (bundle) 1
Swift Claw (bundle) 1
Voyager Pre-Order Pack 1
See here: https://de.ashesofcreation.wiki/Voyager_pre-order_pack
Sentinel's Hide (bundle) 1

$20 for mount
Shell of the Ancients (Mount) 1

All in all account is worth well over $600(like 800 or so?), I would be fine with $450 since I just want to get rid of it.
I prefer PayPal but we can also use the trusted middleman system.
ip hash: 2f0b4961e940e761779a62