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FFXI7676: hi
FFXI7676: you emailed me
FFXI7676: about ur account for trade
blufnex: yeh
FFXI7676: ok
FFXI7676: you know what i got right?
blufnex: 2 secs
FFXI7676: ok
blufnex: okay what was your account?
what was your account again?
FFXI7676: 61 mnk 45 thf 32 sam etc
FFXI7676: 62 fishing
blufnex: server?
FFXI7676: titan
blufnex: k 2 min
FFXI7676: ok
blufnex: k can i get your login details i dont want another scammer
blufnex: last time guy tried to hit em with a lvl 12 character
blufnex: i wasnt happy
FFXI7676: ok
FFXI7676: bro
FFXI7676: first of all
FFXI7676: know one does that
FFXI7676: gives out there info
FFXI7676: ok well get a moderator on markee to middle man for us
FFXI7676: [censored] take both are infos change pass check em both out swap
FFXI7676: then ur done
blufnex: hah sweet
FFXI7676: yah
blufnex: k let me check my messages on it c if anyone else messaged me not been on in a lil while
FFXI7676: ull get scammed if you do it any other way
blufnex: yeh i guess
blufnex signed off at 9:14:27 AM.