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another scamming noob


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pimping321: u still got that epic chr for trade
Point of Orig1n: yeah a pally
Point of Orig1n: what u got
pimping321: hunter and warlock
Point of Orig1n: gear?
pimping321: hunter is epic
pimping321: warlock is all blue
Point of Orig1n: what hunters gear?
pimping321: and 1 or 2 greens
pimping321: let me look
Point of Orig1n: whats hunters gear/race/server?
pimping321: i have been leving the warlock
pimping321: ne mug thol
pimping321: and humon warlock same server
pimping321: the hunter has most of hte set dragon stalker
pimping321: and epi mount and epic bow
Point of Orig1n: nice, can i log on him and you can log onto my pally to check him out if you want
pimping321: errm ok i cxant recall can u
Point of Orig1n: no i cant
pimping321: we need to make this fast i *** realy soon
Point of Orig1n: ok tahts fine
pimping321: ok well i am good with cheaking them
pimping321: my account naame chazchazer u
Point of Orig1n: ***********
pimping321: your pass
Point of Orig1n: ******
Point of Orig1n: hunters pass?
pimping321: let me find it its in my emal 1 min sorry
Point of Orig1n: ..ok
pimping321: sorry
pimping321 signed off at 6:22:32 PM.

Knew he was a scammer almost right of the bat, reason why i said i couldnt recall. But i can indeed....nubs these days =/