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Another scammer...do not trade with this guy


Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
this is the convo btw me and him...he blocked my SN so i had to use my friends

PhonGiE19: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/120311/an/0/page/0/gonew/1#UNREAD
PhonGiE19: that proves you are a scammer
PhonGiE19: cant say anything now?
HiTTheLiPIndo: 2 tings
HiTTheLiPIndo: 1
HiTTheLiPIndo: false number
HiTTheLiPIndo: 2
HiTTheLiPIndo: where did u get nick from
HiTTheLiPIndo: my names jason
HiTTheLiPIndo: lol
[censored] idiot
PhonGiE19: nice scam tho
HiTTheLiPIndo: l2p
PhonGiE19: lol
HiTTheLiPIndo: ownt u
PhonGiE19: its ok...
HiTTheLiPIndo: im just sharpening my skills
PhonGiE19: not my account
HiTTheLiPIndo: i dont have it
HiTTheLiPIndo: the p/w was changed
PhonGiE19: uh huh
HiTTheLiPIndo: looks like u got pwnt
PhonGiE19: cuz you changed it
HiTTheLiPIndo: nope
HiTTheLiPIndo: if i had it
HiTTheLiPIndo: id be on it
PhonGiE19: why did you hang up right away
HiTTheLiPIndo: cuz i ownt u
PhonGiE19: cuz you tried to scam
HiTTheLiPIndo: but looks like the person u traded with
HiTTheLiPIndo: scammed u
PhonGiE19: yeah and you kno him right?
HiTTheLiPIndo: cuz i the p/w is worn
HiTTheLiPIndo: nope
PhonGiE19: its ok dude
PhonGiE19: lol
PhonGiE19: you people need to find better things to do
HiTTheLiPIndo: no i honestly dont have it
HiTTheLiPIndo: i would b on it if i did
PhonGiE19: anything you say now i cant trust you
PhonGiE19: hey i dont kno if you are on it or not right now
PhonGiE19: just find better things to do
PhonGiE19: then scam people
HiTTheLiPIndo: plz stop talking to me im busy
PhonGiE19: scamming other people?