Another day....Another scammer........


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If you see a **** its because the real acocunts were blanked out so they wont be hacked form the users of them.

Now he says im weird.....

Anarchys980: Hey
BamSk8r67: hey
Anarchys980: Are you trading your druid?
BamSk8r67: not anymroe
Anarchys980: I have a Human Rogue with 6/8 shadowcraft, 2 dalrends.
BamSk8r67: gone
Anarchys980: oo kk.
BamSk8r67: thats stink s i want that 2
BamSk8r67: u dont want a priest?
BamSk8r67: devout
BamSk8r67: epic mount
BamSk8r67: 100g
BamSk8r67: all 16 slots
BamSk8r67: raidn guild
BamSk8r67: what do ya say?
Anarchys980: hmm
Anarchys980: race?
Anarchys980: class?
BamSk8r67: troll
BamSk8r67: priest
BamSk8r67: deathwing
BamSk8r67: pvp
Anarchys980: nice
Anarchys980: hmm
BamSk8r67: straight up trade
BamSk8r67: i had a GC put on it tuesday
Anarchys980: GC?
Anarchys980: GameCarD/
BamSk8r67: yep
BamSk8r67: time is out april 29th
Anarchys980: I guess i'll trade.
BamSk8r67: when does urs go out?
Anarchys980: may 14th
BamSk8r67: can i see in game real quick?
Anarchys980: yeah one sec let me log on
BamSk8r67: server?
BamSk8r67: and name?
Anarchys980: I stay stuck on autheticationg
Anarchys980: autheticating*
Anarchys980: =/
BamSk8r67: it takes like 2 minutes
BamSk8r67: lol
Anarchys980: I guess we can do it tomorrow
BamSk8r67: wait a minute or 2
Anarchys980: k
BamSk8r67: what ur chars server and name?
BamSk8r67: its liek that for every1
Anarchys980: Its still there =/
BamSk8r67: ok
BamSk8r67: i can check ur gear
Anarchys980: HOw?
BamSk8r67: just tell me ur chars name and server
BamSk8r67: a website
Anarchys980: What are u gonna do to it?
BamSk8r67: nothing..........
BamSk8r67: im gonna look him up on a website
BamSk8r67: just tell me his name and server is all lol
Anarchys980: Wats the website?
Anarchys980: I wanna try it out
BamSk8r67: tell me the name adn stuff 1st
BamSk8r67: then we can just trade
Anarchys980: name: Hotwire
Anarchys980: sever: Lightings Blade
Anarchys980: Wat website is that? Thats a pretty cool website, lol
BamSk8r67: lol
BamSk8r67: ok ill tell u
BamSk8r67: so whats ur chars gear again?
BamSk8r67: its loading up
Anarchys980: On him right now
Anarchys980: not sure
Anarchys980: havent played in a week
BamSk8r67: any epics?
BamSk8r67: ok
Anarchys980: juss got back from vacation
BamSk8r67: ok
Anarchys980: so juss checking markee
Anarchys980: and i saw ur post
BamSk8r67: ill make a new char on lightings blade
Anarchys980: Im still on Autheticating..
BamSk8r67: i thought u said ur on
Anarchys980: I *** in 20mins, bedtime =/
Anarchys980: ..
Anarchys980: ?
BamSk8r67: ok w/e lets just trade
Anarchys980: account name: Hotwires789
Anarchys980: yours?
BamSk8r67: ********
Anarchys980: this better not be a scam
BamSk8r67: its not 1 sec
BamSk8r67: ok ur password?
Anarchys980: can we do at same time?
BamSk8r67: u go 1st dude im trusted on markee i ahve postives
BamSk8r67: no negatives
BamSk8r67: dont worry
BamSk8r67: wanna do a MM?
Anarchys980: I dont care man, I been scammed before with MM and Pos Guys
Anarchys980: Best way is sametime
BamSk8r67: well see USWOWTRADE
BamSk8r67: is no scammer
BamSk8r67: hes nvr has nvr will
Anarchys980: Sorry dude,
BamSk8r67: haha
BamSk8r67: u knwo wut
Anarchys980: I cant go and trust anyone man.
BamSk8r67: ur a scammer cuz u said u have 6/8 SC rite?
Anarchys980: yes in my bag
BamSk8r67: rofl
Anarchys980: ..?
BamSk8r67: do you have nay blues?
Anarchys980: yes epics also
Anarchys980: and i was warlord rank
BamSk8r67: an ur account name is fake
Anarchys980: ..
Anarchys980: right.....
BamSk8r67: i jjst went on lost account password to see if ur scammin and u r
BamSk8r67: im posting this on markee
Anarchys980: ..
Anarchys980: wtf are u talking about
BamSk8r67: umm ur a scammer thats wut
Anarchys980: hows that?
Anarchys980: wtf....
BamSk8r67: unless u prove ur not this is going on markee
Anarchys980: What do u want me to do?
Anarchys980: Wtf..
Anarchys980: Why am I a scammer..
BamSk8r67: ok then trade i well see if u scammin or not only way cuz u said u cant log onto WoW
BamSk8r67: very weird dude lol very weird
Anarchys980: ..
Anarchys980: Lightings Blade is a FULL server.
Anarchys980: A really full server.
BamSk8r67: umm so?
Anarchys980: One of the most Populars Server.
BamSk8r67: so is bloodhoof thats like almost #1 on pop
BamSk8r67: i get it fine
Anarchys980: Well I dont have the top of the line internet, computer.
Anarchys980: Im not rich, sorry.
BamSk8r67: either am i
Anarchys980: If you think im a scammer, You can have your doubts.
BamSk8r67: im middle class
BamSk8r67: i will
Anarchys980: Ok.
BamSk8r67: cuz when this goes on markee all will know ur a scammer cuz they can check to see if Hotwires789 is a real account name
Anarchys980: Wtf...
Anarchys980: Wat website are u on, That shits wrong.
BamSk8r67: is a fke my bad
BamSk8r67: Hotwires789 is a fake
BamSk8r67: f-a-k-e
Anarchys980: ..
BamSk8r67: u lied lol
BamSk8r67: and i caught u
BamSk8r67: admit it
Anarchys980: i said Hotwired
BamSk8r67: go donw in glory not shame
BamSk8r67: lol no the acocunt name
Anarchys980: Dude your [censored] weird.
Anarchys980: and yes ill admit, u seemed kinda fishy
BamSk8r67: ok adn ur effin scammer
Anarchys980: i gave u wrong accnt name
BamSk8r67: hmm ok
BamSk8r67: ROFL!
Anarchys980: my real one is Junior*******.
BamSk8r67: nope
BamSk8r67: then y did u give me a fake?
Anarchys980: Becuz u seemedfishy
BamSk8r67: ..............
Anarchys980: You have like 1000 post on markee.
BamSk8r67: u mean cuz u wanted to scammed
Anarchys980: About diff chars.
BamSk8r67: nope
BamSk8r67: jsut 2 cgars
BamSk8r67: chars
Anarchys980: No..
Anarchys980: There alot of post on Limon.
BamSk8r67: u need the names of where i got'em all?
BamSk8r67: yes they r all druid or priest my new 1s are rogue and priest
Anarchys980: Do u wanna trade or not?
Anarchys980: My accnt name is Junior******* (RAEL)
BamSk8r67: yes but only if u go 1st cuz u kinda screwed up
Anarchys980: chcek it if u want to
Anarchys980: (REAL)
Anarchys980: err..
Anarchys980: my bad
Anarchys980: but im not going 1st..
Anarchys980: same time
BamSk8r67: then lets do a MM
BamSk8r67: yes ive done same time b4 and i go and they steal my account
BamSk8r67: they
BamSk8r67: not i go they go
Anarchys980: I been scammed before
Anarchys980: Also
Anarchys980: IT sucks ass
Anarchys980: it*
Anarchys980: With a Middleman.
BamSk8r67: yes it does suck but MM is secure
Anarchys980: Ended up. They were both best friends.
BamSk8r67: USWOWTRADE is a really cool dude
Anarchys980: Thats the same thing the guy who scammed me.
Anarchys980: hes a cool man
Anarchys980: He has 17+ Pos
Anarchys980: and [censored]
BamSk8r67: yep
Anarchys980: W/e Forget it.
BamSk8r67: so wanna use him?
Anarchys980: We cant trade.
BamSk8r67: lets use uswowtrade
BamSk8r67: y not?
Anarchys980: Becuz im not using MM and getting scammed.
Anarchys980: sorry
BamSk8r67: ...............
Anarchys980: etheir str8 up or no.
BamSk8r67: want me to call u?
Anarchys980: yes or no?
BamSk8r67: want me to call you and we trade that way?
Anarchys980: Nty..
Anarchys980: Not giving personal info out.
Anarchys980: straight trade, yes or no?
Anarchys980: 5?
Anarchys980: 4?
Anarchys980: 3?
Anarchys980: 2?
Anarchys980: 1?
Anarchys980: Well, Ok bye.
BamSk8r67: c ya
Anarchys980: Nice talking to ya.
BamSk8r67: dude u were sketchy the whoel time
BamSk8r67: hard to believe u werent going to scam me
Anarchys980: I wasnt..
Anarchys980: Damn
Anarchys980: I wont
BamSk8r67: how do i knwo that?
Anarchys980: I dont know, I know im not.
Anarchys980: If you can trust then forget it.
BamSk8r67: ok l8r
BamSk8r67: remeebr though
BamSk8r67: if som1 says uve scammed this goes on markee so pls dont scam so i dont ahve to put this up oks?
BamSk8r67: even if u werent gonan scam
BamSk8r67: ok?
Anarchys980: wat r u talking about?
Anarchys980: oo kk
Anarchys980: i get it
BamSk8r67: 1 sec
Anarchys980: Im not a scammer sorry
BamSk8r67: ill trade you
Anarchys980: str8 up?
BamSk8r67: yes lemme write something up
Anarchys980: ?

BamSk8r67: I will be recording our transactions.If this account is taken back by whomever i will present this conversation which can/will be used in a court of law.
BamSk8r67: do you agree to these terms?
Anarchys980: No
BamSk8r67: why?
Anarchys980: Becuz u can write fake stuff.
Anarchys980: Bye man, Your weird.
BamSk8r67: .....................
BamSk8r67: i didnt writ fake stuff
BamSk8r67: basically if you scam me im sewing
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Lol see hes a nut


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BamSk8r67: basically if you scam me im sewing.

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Well at least he isn't knitting /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif