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amberged123 Scammed me ( EEven though I can recall lol)


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amberged123: Your a lifesaver
Sqeaky4100: uhh..
Sqeaky4100: lol?
amberged123: I got an epic warlock -_-
amberged123: And i need/want your warrior
amberged123: WIth passion
Sqeaky4100: lol
Sqeaky4100: Do you have a markee name?
amberged123: Amberged123
amberged123: or
amberged123: oops
amberged123: amberged
Sqeaky4100: I used to use a internet cafe when I lived in texas whats why I share an IP with some retard
Sqeaky4100: ooops
Sqeaky4100: lol
Sqeaky4100: that was to the wrong person
amberged123: lol
amberged123: ok well
amberged123: were you interested in my lock
Sqeaky4100: epics?\
amberged123: 4/8 Nemesis

[Nemesis Skullcap]
[Nemesis Spaulders]
[Nemesis Bracers]
[Nemesis Boots]

6/8 Felheart

[Felheart Pants]
[Felheart Robes]
[Felheart Shoulder Pads]
[Felheart Bracers]
[Felheart Belt]
[Felheart Gloves]

Other Random Epics

[Choker of the Fire Lord]
[Cloak of Consumption]
[Ebony Flame Gloves] +20 Spll Dmg
[Mana Igniting Cord]
[Don Rodrigo's Band]
[Dragonslayer's Signet]
[Staff of Dominance] +30 Spll DMG
[Tome of Shadow Force]

JUST GOT! [Mish'undare, Circlet of the Mind Flayer]
amberged123: Ursin PVP
amberged123: brb getting pimple pooped
Sqeaky4100: is there time on it?
amberged123: yea
amberged123: 60 days
amberged123: just added it today
Sqeaky4100: cool, can I see ingame?
amberged123: sure
amberged123: make a troll on Ursin pvp
amberged123: im heading to kill rag so hurry up
Sqeaky4100: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads...true#Post117044
Sqeaky4100: oh nvm, that guys a scammwr
Sqeaky4100: ok making a troll
Sqeaky4100: Do you have the sq/sa?
amberged123: yea
amberged123: im OO
amberged123: whats ur name ingame?
Sqeaky4100: whats yours?
amberged123: Nemesis
amberged123: but im going to MC
amberged123: so im in a group
amberged123: rag then Twin Emps
Sqeaky4100: k Ill be at the spawn area in 1min'
amberged123: k
amberged123: ill run to it
amberged123: kk im there
amberged123: nvm
amberged123: i dont need to go to MC
amberged123: waste of time can i see urs ingame?
Sqeaky4100: did you read my post?
amberged123: no
amberged123: justgear
Sqeaky4100: read it again
amberged123: ahh ok
amberged123: mind if i add a cc to it?
Sqeaky4100: I would rather not, because if I have to recall it from blizz they require the latest form of payment
amberged123: Well
amberged123: What can you do to prove your ledgit
amberged123: or are you interested?
Sqeaky4100: I am yea
amberged123: so what can you do to prove your ledgit
Sqeaky4100: Im not sure lol
Sqeaky4100: think of somthing and I can do it
Sqeaky4100: Btw, how did you get your account?
amberged123: Its mine
Sqeaky4100: Im only in it for pvp, can I pvp with him a bit?
amberged123: well
amberged123: heres the deal
amberged123: lets trade and ill add time to yours
amberged123: and check it out then well trade sq/as ok?
Sqeaky4100: I dont know how to put this but, in account disputes, blizz requires the latest form of payment, if you added time, that would change and I wouldnt know it
amberged123: What the [censored] man
amberged123: How can we trade
amberged123: then
amberged123: i need to add time to it to play.
Sqeaky4100: I know
Sqeaky4100: but I wouldnt want you to add time untill we actually know 100% were trading
amberged123: we are
amberged123: I am
amberged123: I want a warrior very badlky
Sqeaky4100: were not 100% traded untill sq/sa are traded tho, U can recall
amberged123: ok well trade sq/as
amberged123: ok?
Sqeaky4100: k 1sec
amberged123: k
amberged123: sooo
Sqeaky4100: sorry talking with somone, 1sec
amberged123: ok
Sqeaky4100: SO what are we going to do?
amberged123: i want to trade
Sqeaky4100: no, I mean with the cd-keys, sq/sa, etc
amberged123: We can trade them
Sqeaky4100: well first off account names
Sqeaky4100: mines Packman7
Sqeaky4100: yours
Sqeaky4100: ?
amberged123: sorry
amberged123: maranellomagic
amberged123: got it?
Sqeaky4100: 1sec lemme make sure the account exsists
amberged123: ok and?
Sqeaky4100: sorry tons of IM windows open lol
amberged123: ...
Sqeaky4100: Hmm.. happen to have a favorite movie?
Sqeaky4100: lol
amberged123: yes i do
amberged123: can we trade passes now
Sqeaky4100: Im just about to eat dinner
amberged123: and?
Sqeaky4100: we have company over
Sqeaky4100: brb dinner
amberged123: dude ur rep is horrible on markee
Sqeaky4100: I used to live in texas and used an internet cafe
Sqeaky4100: urs isnt great either man
amberged123: aight then
amberged123: add time to your accnt
amberged123: im outey unless you do
amberged123: i want to see ingame
Sqeaky4100: why did you back out?
amberged123: because ur a scammer
amberged123: you dont have dinner
amberged123: you responded
amberged123: god [censored] people are so shady
amberged123: go steal your moms cc
amberged123: and put time on it
amberged123: and theres no reason why i cant put time on it
amberged123: if you have the cd keys and sq/a it shouldnt matter
amberged123: now you dont answer
amberged123: cause the jigg is up
amberged123: what a horrible atempt at a scam
amberged123: lol
Sqeaky4100: I had to eat dinner man
Sqeaky4100: im back
Sqeaky4100: hello?
amberged123: yes
amberged123: what you want
Sqeaky4100: just say my name
amberged123: ?
amberged123: wot
Sqeaky4100: I had to eat dinner, and while I was gone you started accusing me of being a scammer..
amberged123: dude
amberged123: listen
amberged123: how supicious do i have to be
amberged123: why cant you just steal your moms cc
amberged123: and add time to it
Sqeaky4100: Steal my moms CC, steal it?
Sqeaky4100: dude if I get caught..
amberged123: you wont
amberged123: just take it out of her purse and add time
amberged123: i do it all the time
amberged123: seriiusky
amberged123: its not hard
Sqeaky4100: I know man
Sqeaky4100: But Im just about to start driving and dont want that privlage taken away
amberged123: Excuses for everything
amberged123: Then how do you expect me to beleive you at all.
Sqeaky4100: Dude, Im not a scammer because I wont steal my moms credit card..
amberged123: hold up
amberged123: downing rag 1 sec
Sqeaky4100: rag?
amberged123: yea we did all of BWL yesterday
amberged123: cleaning up MC for alts
amberged123: ?

Auto response from Sqeaky4100: AFK for about 20min.

amberged123: -_-
amberged123: 20 mins huh

Auto response from Sqeaky4100: AFK for about 20min.

Sqeaky4100: back
Sqeaky4100: sorry stupid parents had to show a slide show of our vacation
amberged123: -_-
amberged123: did you want to trade
Sqeaky4100: I did very much so, I only have a lvl 16 lock, but I love it
amberged123: well
amberged123: then can i add my cc to it?
Sqeaky4100: Can I make a post asking if its safe to do that?
amberged123: Sure
amberged123: Here
amberged123: ask this guy
amberged123: bloodangel1040
amberged123: he has awesome rep on markee
amberged123: 10 POS
amberged123: almost a moderatpor
Sqeaky4100: Im talking with him now
amberged123: kk
Sqeaky4100: ...you dont have your warlock anymore.
amberged123: i gave it to blood
amberged123: why i referred you
amberged123: hes my RL friend
Sqeaky4100: What did he trade you?
amberged123: he didnt
amberged123: i gave it to him
amberged123: well
amberged123: actually
amberged123: he traded me his warlock
amberged123: but its not really a trade
amberged123: cause his was ally
amberged123: dont talk to me about it
amberged123: he has the warlock
amberged123: you there?
Sqeaky4100: yea sorry
amberged123: o ok
amberged123: well
Sqeaky4100: 8 IM's going
amberged123: talk to him
amberged123: ok?
Sqeaky4100: i am
amberged123: so what he say
Sqeaky4100: not sure
Sqeaky4100: hes thinking for a min or two
amberged123: so?
Sqeaky4100: wants an account with time
amberged123: why dont you let him add time?
amberged123: ?
amberged123: :-0
Sqeaky4100: I dont think he wants to
amberged123: Well i could add time to yours
amberged123: ?
Sqeaky4100: idk man
amberged123: He gave me info
amberged123: just incase you changed your mind to trade
amberged123: soo.
amberged123: i got my CC right here
amberged123: you can call me if youd like
amberged123: im no out to scam ne 1
Sqeaky4100: how old r u?
amberged123: 17
amberged123: y
Sqeaky4100: jw
amberged123: ok
amberged123: so..
Sqeaky4100: if you add time, you have access to everything correct?
amberged123: what you mean
Sqeaky4100: I dont want to just let you on my account, and me on nothing
amberged123: like i said
amberged123: you can go on my lock
amberged123: but i have to be able to add time to an accnt
amberged123: or not mine ne more
amberged123: his
Sqeaky4100: your trading an account that isnt even yours?
amberged123: he said i could
amberged123: cause he really wants that warrior
amberged123: and he had to go to sleep
amberged123: -_-
amberged123: do you want it or not
Sqeaky4100: ugh man..
Sqeaky4100: I would love your warlock
amberged123: nm
amberged123: hes on
amberged123: talk to him
amberged123: ok?
Sqeaky4100: before I do anything, I want to pvp with the warlock :-(
amberged123: i want to play something
amberged123: so ill let you
amberged123: but let me add time to your accnt
amberged123: ok?
Sqeaky4100: ugh man
Sqeaky4100: Read this:
amberged123: ?
Sqeaky4100: im getting it
amberged123: -_-ok
amberged123: wot is it
Sqeaky4100: 1sec, its to big, lemme take away some
Sqeaky4100: Greetings,

We have received your Account Retrieval submission. Unfortunately, it does not
meet all of the requirements for retrieving access to the World of Warcraft
account in question. Please be aware that security concerns prevent us from
accepting or combining partial submissions. We must receive all Account
Retrieval paperwork in a single fax to properly process it.

Your submission has been denied for the following reason(s):

· A photocopy of the CD Authentication Key is not included.
· A photocopy of the method of payment is not included.
Sqeaky4100: open up the window to read the whole thing
Sqeaky4100: theres a whol other paragraph
Sqeaky4100: Ive had to do this before, you need to photocopy the method of payment
amberged123: roffl
amberged123: your accnt got bammed
amberged123: banned
Sqeaky4100: before it has because some [censored] hole screamed to a gm saying it was hi
Sqeaky4100: his*
amberged123: [censored] does that mean to me
Sqeaky4100: it means in order to recall the account you need a photocopy of the last method of payment
Sqeaky4100: if you add a method of payment, and that happens again
Sqeaky4100: Im done
amberged123: im not gunna do that
amberged123: [censored]
Sqeaky4100: Not saying you are
amberged123: ok then
amberged123: let me add time
amberged123: im letting you on my lock
amberged123: i dont see the big problem
Sqeaky4100: I just said it
Sqeaky4100: If I end up having to recall the account, I wont be able to
amberged123: so dude
amberged123: what you want me to do
amberged123: how can you trade then

Sqeaky4100: So what Im trying to say is, I dont want any time added unless i/you are 100% positive the trades going to happen
amberged123: I AM
amberged123: dude
amberged123: i said it
amberged123: 100000000 times
Sqeaky4100: how di I know that if two people have access to it?
amberged123: i just traded back
amberged123: because i wanted to get your warrior
amberged123: so
amberged123: its fer sure
amberged123: were gunna trade if we do
amberged123: ???
Sqeaky4100 wants to directly connect.
Sqeaky4100: wanna show you why Im slow to respond
Sqeaky4100: open direct connection
amberged123 is now directly connected.
amberged123: ?
amberged123: ?
Sqeaky4100: haha look at all those IM windows
amberged123: lol
amberged123: Do you want to trade
Sqeaky4100: all MD guys
amberged123: orwat?
Sqeaky4100: talking with some ppl right now, but Im pretty sure
amberged123: ok
amberged123: well lets do it then
Sqeaky4100: wait a sec tho
amberged123: ?
Sqeaky4100: I want you to explain some things
amberged123 direct connection is closed.
amberged123: k
Sqeaky4100: Not accusing of you anything
amberged123: hrmm?
amberged123: ask away?
Sqeaky4100: I saw of a post of sombody calling you a dumb Immature person, and another calling a scammer
Sqeaky4100: Casnt find them now
amberged123: From pirate?
amberged123: and from that idiot scammer who said i was a scammer cause i didnt trade with him
Sqeaky4100: yes, from pritie
Sqeaky4100: pirate
amberged123: hes an idiot
amberged123: hes like
amberged123: those azn kids
amberged123: who [censored] sit in the back of the classrooms
amberged123: and pick there nose
amberged123: and talk about dungeouns and dragons all day
amberged123: and also
amberged123: why do you have some bad reo
amberged123: rep
Sqeaky4100: I explain it didnt I?
amberged123: o yea nm
amberged123: well
amberged123: then dude are we gunna trade its late
amberged123: i been waiting till like 7
Sqeaky4100: How could we do this?
amberged123: trade info
Sqeaky4100: yea, but how
amberged123: on 3
amberged123: we should be able to trust each other
amberged123: no?
Sqeaky4100: I cant trust you, as you cant trust me.
amberged123: ok so?
amberged123: well then
amberged123: how we do it dude
Sqeaky4100: IDK, any ideas?
amberged123: like i said
amberged123: we can go on 3
amberged123: or
amberged123: i can go first
amberged123: as long as you go right after me
Sqeaky4100: What about the sq/sa's?
amberged123: we can do that after we get into accnt manage ment
amberged123: sound good?
amberged123: dude
amberged123: you gotta answer quicker
Sqeaky4100: sorry had to take a piss
amberged123: ok
amberged123: well
amberged123: we can do SQ/As after we get into accnt manage ment
amberged123: ok?
Sqeaky4100: How long will that take?
amberged123: 2 mins
amberged123: tops
amberged123: DUYDE
amberged123: answer quicker
amberged123: if your gunna trade with me
Sqeaky4100: omg settle down lol
amberged123: dude
amberged123: i dont want you going afk
amberged123: ok
amberged123: so you rdY?
Sqeaky4100: 2min? enough for you to add time and what not?
amberged123: i guess
amberged123: or
amberged123: 20 secs
amberged123: after we trade accnt name and pass
Sqeaky4100: how can we trust eachother for correct sq/sa?
amberged123: dude
amberged123: it all relies on trust
amberged123: so
amberged123: we gunna do this
amberged123: or what man
Sqeaky4100: Yes, but give me a few min to think
amberged123: ok
amberged123: soo.
Sqeaky4100: meeting this dude ingame, 1sec
amberged123: ok
amberged123: asnd?/
Sqeaky4100: well that guy was a [censored]
amberged123: ok
Sqeaky4100: well; heres my proposal
Sqeaky4100: let me play for account for a few BG's to see if I truely want a warlock ( Im only 80% sure). Then we'll trade
amberged123: dude
amberged123: [censored]?
amberged123: why
Sqeaky4100: Im 99% sure Ill like it
amberged123: the
amberged123: n
amberged123: let me have your accnt too
amberged123: while your on mine
Sqeaky4100: I dont want to trade my hunter and not like him or somthing
amberged123: hunter
amberged123: [censored]?

Sqeaky4100: doh
Sqeaky4100: lol
amberged123: wow gg
amberged123: scammer
Sqeaky4100: [censored]?
amberged123: due
amberged123: dude
Sqeaky4100: I have a hunter also
amberged123: you want to go on my accnt
amberged123: you dont have time
Sqeaky4100: hes my active account
amberged123: you want to go on my accnt first
Sqeaky4100: I know...:-(
amberged123: looik
amberged123: stright out trade with me
amberged123: or no deal
amberged123: im tired of waiting
amberged123: i been waiting on ur [censored] 7 hours
Sqeaky4100: you dont have to wait on me like a baby
amberged123: then lets [censored] trade
Sqeaky4100: IDK if I want warlock though :-(
amberged123: amberged123 (9:11:23 PM): did you want to trade
Sqeaky4100 (9:11:54 PM): I did very much so, I only have a lvl 16 lock, but I love it

amberged123: thats complete and utter bullshit
Sqeaky4100: wha?
amberged123: you said that
amberged123: earlier
Sqeaky4100: Wanna [censored] see him?
amberged123: yes i do
Sqeaky4100: hes on my hunters account
amberged123: wanna see hwo
amberged123: [censored]
Sqeaky4100: See my 16 warlock
amberged123: NO DUDE
amberged123: you just said
amberged123: ID LOVE A WARLOCK
amberged123: and now your saying
amberged123: im not sure
amberged123: if i want one
Sqeaky4100: Ugh..
Sqeaky4100: Took it the wrong way'
amberged123: yea well gg man
amberged123: either we trade
amberged123: or no deal
Sqeaky4100: fine... But we need to fully go thru what were going to do
amberged123: ok
Sqeaky4100: How do you have it with the time I said stuff?
amberged123: cause i have aim triton
Sqeaky4100: Were can I get that?
amberged123: online
amberged123: well lets trade
amberged123: ok?
Sqeaky4100: WE beed ti go over what were going to do
amberged123: ok
amberged123: this is how its going down
amberged123: were gunna trade accnt info
amberged123: then log onto accnt management
amberged123: then after 20 secs of giving accnt info and such
amberged123: we give sq/a
Sqeaky4100: 20sec?
amberged123: yes
amberged123: are you rdy
Sqeaky4100: 1sec, sorry >.<
amberged123: k
amberged123: soo
Sqeaky4100: back
amberged123: you rdy
amberged123: or what
Sqeaky4100: lemme exit wow and get rdy
amberged123: k
amberged123: ><
amberged123: done or what
amberged123: ?
Sqeaky4100: ok
amberged123: kk
amberged123: rdy?
amberged123: ?
Sqeaky4100: changing pw
amberged123: k
amberged123: hurry man i gotta go soon
amberged123: wow it takes you that long -_-
Sqeaky4100: ok
Sqeaky4100: how about we just do sq/sa and password in the same enter?
Sqeaky4100: or no?
amberged123: no
amberged123: just pass for now
Sqeaky4100: How quickly are we entering sq/sa?
amberged123: 20 secs
Sqeaky4100: Ok, and no BS fake stuff ok?
amberged123: kk
Sqeaky4100: no " Opps I spelled it wrong"
amberged123: k
amberged123: are you rdy?
amberged123: or what
Sqeaky4100: How quickly are you going to add a card?
Sqeaky4100: instantly?
amberged123: im putting a game card
amberged123: on it
amberged123: instead of my cc
amberged123: make you feel safer
Sqeaky4100: Not any safer
amberged123: well
amberged123: watever
amberged123: i am
Sqeaky4100: but ne ways
amberged123: after we trade sq/a
amberged123: ok
amberged123: lets roll
amberged123: get your info copied
amberged123: rdy?
Sqeaky4100: Im mainly concerned with the sq/sa
amberged123: dude
amberged123: ur gunna get it god [censored]
amberged123: stop tripping
Sqeaky4100: Ok, so while logging in Ill count to twenty, at 20 I enter my sq/sa, as will you?
amberged123: yes
amberged123: i got a timer
amberged123: on spot
Sqeaky4100: Ok, in like 10sec start the count down, ima put the pw into the chat and wait
amberged123: maranellomagic//password1
Sqeaky4100: wowpass123
Sqeaky4100: new sq/sa
amberged123: spaceballs
Sqeaky4100: now*
Sqeaky4100: ShowdowHill
amberged123: kk
Sqeaky4100: reboting pc, be back in 2min
Sqeaky4100: that cool with you?
amberged123: lol
Sqeaky4100: [censored] dude
Sqeaky4100: you scammed me
Sqeaky4100: give me my account back
amberged123: LOL
amberged123: dude
amberged123: your accnt has no 60 on it
amberged123: roffl
amberged123: nice try scammer
Sqeaky4100: yes it does dude
amberged123: what realm
amberged123: korgarth?
Sqeaky4100: why did you recall your account?
amberged123: dont think so
amberged123: BECASUE
amberged123: THERES NO 60
amberged123: U IDIOT
Sqeaky4100: You added time within 30sec?
amberged123: yes
Sqeaky4100: burning legion has the 60
Sqeaky4100: Im not joking
amberged123: the warrior
Sqeaky4100: yes, on burning legion
Sqeaky4100: now plz give me your account back..
amberged123: we will see
Sqeaky4100: [censored]?
Sqeaky4100: screw it
Sqeaky4100: Im recalling
Sqeaky4100: Bye scammer
amberged123 signed off at 11:54:12 PM.


I even tried the SA he gave me and it was invalid.

SO beware of this guy.