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Took longer than I hoped to get started, but once it did.. best experience I ever had

Bought a placement boost with stream. I was informed it would take a little longer to get started as they don't have a lot of boosters who stream. I understood this, agreed to the terms, and paid for the service.

Well, when they said a little longer, I was expecting 12 hours alittle longer... not over a day later. At this point, I asked if we could just switch to a normal booster and I'd use op.gg to spectate. We agreed and within a couple of hours my boost began. (By the way, they recorded all the games so I could watch them at my leisure).

Placements end, and they went 5w 3l. Mr Fox contacted me almost immediately and let me know that since they didn't get a 70% win rate, I'd get a free boost to the next division up (which for me was from Gold 1 to Plat 4). I also asked, since I paid extra for streaming and we ended up not doing it could we compensate with extra wins. Without hesitation, he said "absolutely" and asked if I could give him another day or so to complete the division boost and wins. I agreed.

2 days after I purchased the boost, Mr Fox contacted me to let me know the boost was complete.

He dealt with me being a huge pain always asking questions and spamming him on Skype. He always replied, regardless of the time (literally replying at 3 pm and 3 am). He's up front, honest, tells you the pros and cons to whatever package you want, and communicates very well.

If I had to pick out any complaint, which is hard to find one, it would be my booster only wins 40-50% of his games. Too bad he could win 90-100% lol. But honestly, I'm not mad, I loved the experience of working with Mr. Fox.