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Selling All Servers - Mr.Fox's Boosting | Super Cheap | 7x Challenger | 6 Years Online

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Mr. Fox

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I'm a 7x Top 50 soloQ player who has been boosting League of Legends for 6 years with high success.
I've been a booster since March 2013 and got more than 10,000 Summoners from every elo to any elo that they've desired, up to top 20 in Europe West. I can raise your rank as high and fast as you want on any role!


Offline mode
Choose the speed of the boost
VPN Usage
Same summoner spell keys as you use
Can play any champion / role of your wish
Replay packs of the games
Screenshots of the games / advancements
Boost done 100% solo
Keep low K/D
Flex Queue

Additional info

I don't use any illegal scripts or 3rd party software
Your boost will be 100% confidential
I will not buy anything with your IP/RP, unless you give me the permission
I can always boost atleast 1-5 divisions per day
I am online 16 hours a day and available to chat almost at all times
I will have the full responsibility of your boost
I have 100% positive feedback on every platform
None of my customers have had issues with Riot/Tribunal
I can play in ALL RIOT SERVERS
If the LP loss is higher than gain, I will charge extra
I charge 1.2x for North America and Oceania

Current Status: Available for new Boosts

Add me on Skype or Discord

Discord ID - MisterFox#5554

Skype ID - rebaned

My Skype has no dots, punctuation or numbers. Please use the click to add button or double check who you're adding.

Click on the image to add me on Skype

Price list - Solo / Duo

Iron Fox.png

Iron IV - III = 4€ | Duo = 5€

Iron III - II = 5€ | Duo = 7€

Iron II - I = 5€ | Duo = 7€

Iron I - Bronze IV = 6€ | Duo = 8€

Iron IV » Bronze IV = 15€

Iron Win = 1.5€
Iron DuoQ Game =1.5€

Iron Placement Game = 1€

Bronze Fox.png

Bronze IV - III = 5€ | Duo = 7€

Bronze III - II = 6€ | Duo = 8€

Bronze II - I = 7€ | Duo = 9€

Bronze I - Silver IV = 8€ | Duo = 10€

Bronze IV » Silver IV = 19€

Bronze Win = 2€
Bronze DuoQ Game = 2€
Bronze Placement Game = 1.5€

Silver Fox.png

Silver IV - III = 8€ | Duo = 11€

Silver III - II = 9€ | Duo = 12€

Silver II - I = 10€ | Duo = 13€

Silver I - Gold IV = 11€ | Duo = 14€

Silver IV » Gold IV = 29€

Silver Win = 2.5€
Silver DuoQ Game = 2.5€
Silver Placement Game = 2€

Gold Fox.png

Gold IV - III = 12€ | Duo = 16€

Gold III - II = 14€ | Duo = 18€

Gold II - I = 16€ | Duo = 21€

Gold I - Platinum IV = 18€ | Duo = 23€

Gold IV » Platinum IV = 49€

Gold Win = 4€
Gold DuoQ Game = 4€
Gold Placement Game = 3€


Platinum IV - III = 19€ | Duo = 29€

Platinum III - II = 23€ | Duo = 33 €

Platinum II - I = 27€ | Duo = 37€

Platinum I - Diamond IV = 33€ | Duo = 43€

Platinum IV » Diamond IV = 84€

Platinum Win = 5€
Platinum DuoQ Game = 5€
Platinum Placement Game = 4€

Dia Fox.png

Diamond IV - III = 54€ / 11€ win / Duo game
Diamond IV Placement Game = 4.5€

Diamond III - II = 64€ / 13€ win / Duo game
Diamond III Placement Game = 5€

Diamond II - I = 74€ / 15€ win / Duo game
Diamond II Placement Game = 6€

Diamond I - Master I = 99€ / 18€ win / Duo game
Diamond I Placement Game = 7€

Master Fox.png

Master I - Grandmaster I = 24€ win

Master Placement Game = 8€

GM Fox.png

Grandmaster I - Challenger I = 29€ win


Western Union

Finished Work

Season 4 - 9 Challenger & Master Completions


More Finished Work - 100+ images

Users Feedback

He is the man! He boosted my account from P5 to D5 as ordered. After I had some payment issues we agreed to postpone parts of the boost and he later continued as agreed. You can get in touch with him on Skype at any time.
Professional, trusted and honest person. Your account is in good hands. Recommended 100%:D
Ordered my third boost now, one of the best services you can get on this forum.
Really fast an they know, what they doing.
3rd order to him finished in godspeed, this guy is so amazing!!!
this guy is a god, simply the best booster on Epvp. keeps you updated, really nice, great at league and barely looses a game. 10/10 . 100% will use again.
Wow, a really good booster, did my order in 2 days :D
Bought plat 2 to diamond 5. Managed to do it over the weekend. Sick plays, fast, reliable service as always. Huge respect for this guy. Best booster on thins site IMO.
doing a job for me now, already excited^^ will post later about the outcome
well what can i say..all games won not one lose and already finished the job. Really impressed
Orderd P5 - P3. So far everything is going great. Friendly service and a very skilled booster.
Will post some screens when hes done :)
Was my first service I got from EPVP, I'm definitely happy with games from Mr.Fox and will return to him in future if I need to get past those ranked trolls !
boosting me now. So far 2 wins in diamond..very skilled player no daubt.
have ordered several times from him, always satisfied !
I ordered him the third time now :) He is really, i mean really good :):) . It is the only booster i trust so far. He boosted me from platin 5 to 3 in less than one day.
Bought s4-g5. Currently in s1 and still hasn't lost a game. A++
Great Epic Boster 100% win rate in my account!!!! :D
This Guy on Kata?.... just a God =D
bought another 3 wins, this is like the 3rd time i bought from him? i dont even know anymore.
definately recommend.
prices are nice, service is good, the boost is super good (usually - kinda busy atm, but not a problem for me)
Nice booster, played well, and boosted me from Silver 3 to Gold 5 with 75 LP. Helped me with my questions and was very friendly!
Amazing Booster 90 % Win Rate. Always gladly again
finished my duo boost and even discounted from next 2 games, true booster
Great player, insane mechanics, has won every single game.
Great guy. He started right away and carried all games hard!
did another job, very friendly like always!
will do more business soon :)
noonelivesforever☭;28475322 said:
Gave him some jobs of mine and he did it in record time! Good guy Alari!
boosted me :).. still one of the best booster EUW.
Guy nice to make business with. Its also nice to just talk with him. High culture of service.
He did some games for me! And they were really good! He carried all. Hes very friendly
Very ! Very! Very! Nice booster. He boost me from Silver 4 to Plat V
And he FIRST boost and after i pay..really friendly guy !
Okay so we had a day of boosting and he's an awesome guy, Really friendly and helpful. Big Vouch.
Friendly and high skilled player!
You will get what u want from him!
Ordered a boost for my smurff. He finished quickly, and was friendly. I'll recommand him to a friend.
i taked that service, plat 5 to plat 4 in few hours, and with 90% win ratio.
i recomend him ^^
He boosted me from G1 to D5 within 24hours!! He even played all night long!!
10/10 would order again!
great booster!
Did Gold IV - Plat I very fast! Friendly and fast booster =) I would recommend him to anyone else who's searching a clean and fast boost.
Easy guy to talk to and great service, would recommend to anyone. Great booster.
extremely honest and nice person.
boost me gold 5 to plat 5 in 2 days! and very friendly, good booster, you can trust him! ;)
Really nice booster, recommended :)
Great booster! Did Gold 3 to Plat V in only one day!
Legit booster, won 9/9 games for my diamond, you can trust him, keep it up!
Nicely done, great service i just had and communication part was really friendly.
will defiantly come back again for another boost.
very friendly and nice guy.trusted he did a very god Job on my acc boost me vrom b1 to plat 5 fast and cheap
Great elo boost, he is doing a good job =)
Won 7 in a row with him on plat 1, good booster +++
amazing service, nice bloke.
Boosted me in no time, really confident,strong and nice guy. highly suggested.
Normal cool guy, very relaxed to chat with, extremely reliable & fast, super friendly and informative.. I'd recommend this guy ANY day.. If you want decent placement matches this is the guy you go to.. One of the best akali-lb players i've seen... Contact this fellah!
just wow ! very friendly ! fast done ... won 12 / 12 games at platin 1 elo ! thanks man !
Excellent service, excellent gameplay, excellent speed = Best booster
I would recommend him to everyone!
Ridiculously nice and skilled guy!
Mr. NiceGuy! 2 Games, 2 Wins! Very Polite...Was Fun :)
Amazing booster bought several times from him and always finished them fast
He did a great job! MR. Fox is a beast!
Played iwth him Duoq for Vouches, very good booster, nice communication.
Just ordered boost, really nice guy. Good communication, would not hesitate to deal with Mr.Fox :)
Vouch for Mr.Fox. This guy is a beast. Do not hesitate to deal with, he is amazing!
Good & friendly service.
Very friendly guy!
Could recommend this Service to everyone! :)
Awesome booster, kept me informed about the progress and delivered quickly. Would definitely recommend!
plat 4 -> 5 with only 1 lose, annie support ftw!
Vouch for my friend here. Brilliant player!
boosted me from plat to diamond 3, rly trusted and skilled players!
Played my placements, spectated him and he had absolute dominance all over those games. This guy is playing crazily well!
Amazing guy, would recommend him to anyone
Carried 3 games with Zed, Nida and LB !
Amazing plays, very trusted guy :)
Great player and booster, reliable - Duo'd back in the days
Great!!! 2 games and my promos where done excellent player!! :D
This guy got some impressive skills ! True challenger.
did a very fast and quite flawless job :)
was a real pleasure to spectate the games
Great boost, 2nd time he helps me out, fast service, very friendly guy! Recommended big time. Pentakill included ;)
This guy is just awesome :)
doing extremely well in games, having my second boost now, its almost done.
i can just recommend this guy. the prices are the best i found, another reason to use his service!
He is currently boosting me from Platin 3 to Diamond 5 and I asked him for some special "circumstances".
This guy is 100% reliable and always very informative and transparent. When ever I have a question he always replies immediately.

Totally recommending this guy!!
Very cool guy, friendly, faster and cheap price realy n1
great fun guy boosted my acc from plat IV to dia V in less than 2 days +1
I ordererd 10 Placement matches, i had last Season Plat V he won 9 out of 10 and went Plat III very good job!
Purchased Boost from G3 too G 2 , super fast , friendly and really good ! Trusted +1 #
Basically he is like god he play my 7 games rest of the 10 games to placement and he win the 7 games with afk and trolls .. this guy is amazing maybe i order other boost to diamond :D
His Boost was rly fast and no lose ! ! ! THE BEST Booster here ! Thx :)
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