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...All I can say is lol


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[14:53] popandfresh734: Hey
[15:05] xxironcellxx: sup
[15:05] popandfresh734: Are you still looking for powerleveling?
[15:06] xxironcellxx: yes
[15:06] popandfresh734: Hunter?
[15:07] popandfresh734: And what are you offering for it?
[15:07] xxironcellxx: a druid
[15:07] popandfresh734: SQ and A too right?
[15:07] xxironcellxx: na
[15:08] popandfresh734: ?
[15:08] xxironcellxx: i dont' hae it
[15:08] popandfresh734: uhh
[15:09] popandfresh734: Alright, I don't know how I can protect myself from you actually having it and then recalling the account?
[15:10] xxironcellxx: can't
[15:10] popandfresh734: Alright
[15:10] popandfresh734: How many levels do i have to do?
[15:11] xxironcellxx: well its 40 now
[15:12] popandfresh734: So to 60?
[15:12] xxironcellxx: umm
[15:12] popandfresh734: And what level is the druid?
[15:12] xxironcellxx: 60
[15:12] xxironcellxx: full epic
[15:12] popandfresh734: Can I see the druid in game?
[15:12] xxironcellxx: no time
[15:13] popandfresh734: K
[15:13] popandfresh734: I can start now if you want
[15:13] xxironcellxx: do you ahve an MD name
[15:13] popandfresh734: jaymunee80
[15:14] popandfresh734: A guy named elvenwarrior can vouch for me, I did his priest 1-35
[15:19] popandfresh734: And I can get another guy that I traded with to show that I'm legit
[15:20] xxironcellxx: k
[15:22] popandfresh734: http://www.edgeofnowhere.cc/viewtopic.php?t=324852
[15:22] popandfresh734: Im jaymunee80 on there
[15:23] xxironcellxx: and how do i know that is u
[15:23] popandfresh734: Ill edit the second post
[15:25] popandfresh734: it says edit, it really is me
[15:25] popandfresh734: I can change it again
[15:25] popandfresh734: nvm
[15:25] popandfresh734: just noticed that you cant see my deleted posts
[15:26] popandfresh734: k, now do you see it?
[15:30] popandfresh734: K, I have to do some other stuff
[15:30] popandfresh734: I can start now, or tomorrow afternoon...
[15:36] xxironcellxx: scamerr
[15:37] popandfresh734: What?
[15:37] popandfresh734: Who did I scam?
[15:37] xxironcellxx: shut up
[15:37] xxironcellxx: you scammer
[15:37] popandfresh734: ...
[15:37] xxironcellxx: a
[15:37] popandfresh734: What did I scam?
[15:37] popandfresh734: And from who?
[15:38] popandfresh734: Fine, but could you link me to where I scammed
[15:39] xxironcellxx: I just know people lik eyou
[15:39] xxironcellxx: you scam
[15:39] popandfresh734: lol
[15:40] popandfresh734: **** and **** can both verify dude...
[15:40] popandfresh734: I can verify over the phone if you would like?
[15:40] popandfresh734: And I'm paypal verified...
[15:40] xxironcellxx: na thx
[15:41] xxironcellxx: scammer
[15:41] popandfresh734: How am I going to scam you for powerleveling?

Idk if the people want their names given so I just *** them.

Im popandfresh734... an acc with now SQ+A that he can't show me in game. And with 2 people who can verify, plus another I traded with, and I'm the scammer


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lawlzors, I was just leading you on, idk if you remember but you AIMed me a week or so ago asking the same thing, I asked if you coudl have someone verify you were legit you went afk for 15 min, and than had ur friend who said you woudl pay him if he aimed me saying you were legit. I was just playing with you. I was never gonna have you level my guy