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Alien Shady Person


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Very shady guy gave him one of my account for him to PL one of my guys and after 5 days of him stalling and the BS work up. He msg's me today saying omg wtf why is the pass changed. For one when I told him about this account I said I dont have the SQ and this is my friends account who doesnt know it either since when he made the account he just put something in there so he decides to msg me trying to blame me and saying wow I was gonna lvl for u and now im not with I know is a Lie about the account being taken back since my buddie is next to me the same time he told me this. Not saying he is a scammer but a very shady guy. It could very well could be he has memory loss and forgot his pass but I have friends on that server and Ill know soon enough ill keep u posted. So Im outa of an account wich wasnt that special but still an account I coulda used for something.

Btw here is the last convorsation we had.

DuMb GERman69: nice man, u know i really was gonna level you
DuMb GERman69: but now that u recalled my acc
DuMb GERman69: screw u
Hyper Gotenks175: huh?
Hyper Gotenks175: this meant to me?
DuMb GERman69: ya man pw aint workin
Hyper Gotenks175: as I said
Hyper Gotenks175: neither of us know it
DuMb GERman69: i was gonna have my girldfriend play that till i get hera gamecard, and ill play on ur account, but no,, the pally acc aint workin
Hyper Gotenks175: so if ur gona jack my account just say dont make something up
DuMb GERman69: im not dude
DuMb GERman69: i swear
DuMb GERman69: i put that on my family
DuMb GERman69: that im not jacking it
Hyper Gotenks175: for one there isnt any possible way for it to be recalld
Hyper Gotenks175: since My friend is with me right this second
Hyper Gotenks175: and he is on my xbox
Hyper Gotenks175: so I know ur lying
DuMb GERman69: well ive tryied for 30 min now
DuMb GERman69: animasl5
DuMb GERman69: animals5
DuMb GERman69: and it aint working
Hyper Gotenks175: u can make up any password and tell me that doesnt work
Hyper Gotenks175: if ur gonna jack it be a man and say it dont make some lame exscuse up
DuMb GERman69: dude i pro,ise u
DuMb GERman69: im not even kidding omfg
DuMb GERman69: if i would jack it, i would have the second u gave it to me
Hyper Gotenks175: for one why do u think I kept asking u nicley to lvl my [censored] or give it back and ill pay u
Hyper Gotenks175: 1. I dont have the sq to the account
Hyper Gotenks175: I have no way of getting it back
Hyper Gotenks175: my friend just made something up when making it
Hyper Gotenks175: so neither one of us remember
DuMb GERman69: actually
DuMb GERman69: do u know a Foyojo007??
Hyper Gotenks175: why
DuMb GERman69: well i know u do
Hyper Gotenks175: I do but whats he have to do with this
DuMb GERman69: but he said he gave u all the info then u must of changed it
Hyper Gotenks175: thats his aim?
Hyper Gotenks175: foyo?
Hyper Gotenks175: or his wow username
Hyper Gotenks175: cause there similar heh
DuMb GERman69: thats his aim
Hyper Gotenks175: and I let him play till I asked u about this so yes I did change the stuff on him since I was giving it to u
DuMb GERman69: then u should to the SA since u changed the STUFF for me
Hyper Gotenks175: huh?
DuMb GERman69: nothing
DuMb GERman69 signed off at 7:54:05 PM.

Ps. Learn to spell better