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AIM: xXDeathSeekaXx is a scammer


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This guy persuades me to trade for a account that has no time on it, when i get his username / password and check on the paid char transfer page is theres a 60, theres a lvl 27 mage on there and that is all. I asked him what was up and he said he wasnt BS'n and its there, he also isnt the OO so he sounded like a scammer to me the whole time.

Edit: Just put time on the account, and whadya no? theres no f*cking 60 warrior on the account just a bunch of random lvl 30's and 40's highest lvl is a 46, this guy just wasted my time and cash.

Note: I just copy pasted this from what i said in the other forum. Nothing else to be said about this.