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AIM = valles112 *Possible Scammer*


Account Disabled
Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
valles122: hi
valles122: igot a beta key
valles122: illtake the warlock for my beta key i won it in the wowvault beta key contest
MCwarcraft: Have a MD screen name?
valles122: i can make one
valles122: i was just browsing this site for somthng to trade for a blue / epic warlock
valles122: cause i dont want full epics
MCwarcraft: Is there any way I can check that you did actually win this in a contest? Like do they post contest winners? Or can you forward an email from them that says you are a winner?
valles122: they dont post it
valles122: and i bought the key i got the key writen on a piece of paper = /
valles122: my brother won the key i gave hm 40 bucks for it
valles122: so i shouldnt said i won it
MCwarcraft: Well without any verifiable form of feedback, and no real way to prove the key you have will work for me, I'd require that I verify the key to be correct and working, first, before giving you the info to the warlock account.
MCwarcraft: I do have +13 positive rep on markee dragon and I can show you the warlock ingame.
valles122: im sorry no
valles122: im not giving you my key and you give the lock that seems like a big scam
valles122: cause you can recieve you pass back i cant get my key back
MCwarcraft: So does trying to trade a key that you have no proof exists, and doing so with no proof that you exist. I am more than willing to prove the warlock exists, and you've seen my post so you know me and my rep exist.

I blocked him after this, as I was pretty sure we weren't going to come to an agreement on this and I saw he was typing a new message.

*Cliff Notes*
Guy offers me beta key with no way to prove who he is or that they key exists and wants me to give up my account info first.