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AIM-SoWLion pretending to be GGNewb


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SoWLion: hi
SkylineRacer989: hey
SoWLion: hi u still looking to buy a rouge
SkylineRacer989: yeah btu i cant got scammed earlier today for half my money
SoWLion: lol?
SkylineRacer989: dont ask
SkylineRacer989: what do u have?
SoWLion: lvl 60 rouge isnt really that well geared
SkylineRacer989: thats what i was looking for
SkylineRacer989: greens/blues?
SoWLion: blues
SkylineRacer989: yeah i was gonna pay 100
SoWLion: teir 0
SkylineRacer989: he got 50 of it
SoWLion: oh
SoWLion: i got like
SoWLion: alvl 57
SoWLion: rouge that i will sell for 50
SoWLion: and a warlock
SoWLion: that is really well geared
SkylineRacer989: 57 rogue what server?gear?race?
SoWLion: haomarush
SkylineRacer989: pvp?
SoWLion: yes
SkylineRacer989: alli?>
SoWLion: yes
SkylineRacer989: human?
SoWLion: yes
SoWLion: gear is [censored] tho
SkylineRacer989: female?
SoWLion: male=(
SkylineRacer989: thats what i was lookin for
SkylineRacer989: lvl 57?
SoWLion: ya
SoWLion: almost 58
SoWLion: like 6-7 bars
SkylineRacer989: i can do 42.50 and a glider key
SoWLion: well i already got a glider key
SoWLion: and u can get that banned
SoWLion: ez
SkylineRacer989: i kno im an artisan glider
SoWLion: 45 dollars
SkylineRacer989: alright 45
SoWLion: k
SkylineRacer989: can i check him out?
SoWLion: i can show u ingame
SkylineRacer989: dont have an account =(
SoWLion: no man i cant do that sorry=(
SkylineRacer989: well what happend last time was i gave him half so i could login and right when i did that he signed off
SkylineRacer989: and lost $50
SoWLion: i'm sorry man i just dont roll like that
SkylineRacer989: what about if i get a refrence
SoWLion: u can just call your cc account
SoWLion: company*
SoWLion: and tell them to like stop the payment or something
SoWLion: or dispute on paypal
SkylineRacer989: i kno thats what im having to do its gonna take 120 [censored] days
SkylineRacer989: how about i let the entire glider forum vouche for me
SkylineRacer989: everybody knows me
SoWLion: no man i'm sorry either u pay or nothing its just a matter of trusting me
SkylineRacer989: =( i dont have trust for anybody anymore, i even did it over phone with that prick
SkylineRacer989: of course he hung pu
SkylineRacer989: up*
SkylineRacer989: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/229244/an/0/page/0#229244
SoWLion: w/e man if your gonna pay up lets do it
SoWLion: i;d rather end this convo
SkylineRacer989: whats ur markee name
SkylineRacer989: you there?
SoWLion: ya su
SoWLion: sup*
SkylineRacer989: whats your markee name?
SoWLion: i dont have one
SoWLion: =(
SkylineRacer989: well then go trade with sombody else please, ill also be posting this convo on the markee forum
SoWLion: actually
SoWLion: i have 1 account
SoWLion: with like 4 rep
SoWLion: ggnewb
SoWLion: its not so great
SoWLion: lol hilarious
SkylineRacer989: ha yeah [Censored] off scammer all the posts under that named sayyou have scammed them so peace
SoWLion signed off at 9:44:15 PM.

thats the convo


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Re: GGNewb aim name SoWLion is a scammer

Well I've traded with you for your lock under ''your'' real AIM name bought it for 200$ US and after 2 weeks you changed the password 2 times what do you answer to that Adrei!